Protest: Large “wholesale” dog breeding facility (puppy mill) approved for Gorham, NY

2 Feb

Protest: Large “wholesale” dog breeding facility (puppy mill) approved for Gorham, NY

By Million Human, Animal March Against Cruelty World Wide

According to the Messenger Post newspapers in Canandaigua, NY, plans for a new wholesale breeding facility.have been approved by the Ontario County Planning Board. The facility ”could house hundreds of dogs in a new building planned for 4446 Route 247, north of the intersection of Lake to Lake Road” in Gorham, NY.

The Ontario County Planning Board unanimously approved Curtis and Jolene Martins request for a special use permit, as well as the Martin’s site plan following a public hearing last week. According to the article:

“The Martins presented detailed engineering and design plans for what Harvey said would be a wholesale business in a new building equipped for anywhere from 200 to 600 dogs, depending on the size of the animals. ”

The Martins run a puppy mill called Puppies R Us in Varick, NY, in Seneca County, a notorious hotbed for puppy mill breeding facilities. Animal welfare groups across the country keep their eyes on what happens there.


November 28, 2011, minutes as presented. Highlights

Application #20-2011, Anthony & Marcia Gail DeMuzio, owners of property at 3932 State Rt. 364, requests site plan approval to build 425 sq. ft. addition.

Mr. Atkins of the Planning Board made a motion to approve the Short Environmental Assessment Form, as submitted by the applicant, making a “negative determination of significance” stating that the proposed action will not result in any significant, adverse, negative environmental impacts.  Mr. Frankish seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

Application #21-2011, Jacob M. Horst, requests site plan approval to erect an advertising sign on the southwest corner of Crowe Road & State Rt. 245 on lands owned by Leroy Newswanger.

Curtis Martin & Daniel Long, Architect, were present and presented the application to the board.

They are now working with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Department and George Barden, Canandaigua Lake Watershed Inspector.

In the notes Mr. Martin stated that there will be not more than 500 breeding dogs.

Two concerned neighbors that will be living close by the breeding facility, Hella SanteeMargaret Brewin 

Margaret Brewin asked Hoover about her concern about the composting to dispose the dead dog’s and Mr. Hoover stated that “Cornell has recommendations with composting and I never saw any leachate or anything like that leave my property. You wouldn’t know walking next to it that there are dead cows other than if I pull a bone out and say this was my cow last year.  It is amazing how fast a cow disappears and a cow is huge compared to a dog.”Margaret Brewin – “But who regulates that?”Chairman Harvey stated that “as far as we know there are no regulations.

Mr. Farmer stated that his Veterinarian stated that she has an incinerator.  “Would it be a problem to not compose on your property?Mr. Martin stated that he does not think it would be a problem.  He has never tried the incinerator.Ms. Watkins stated that it would be an additional expense.  “Whereas composting is not as big of an expense.”Mr. Atkins asked how many dead dogs they have a year.Mr. Martin stated that he really does not keep close track of that but it is not a big amount.

Margaret Brewin – “Question on your business plan.  I don’t want to know your numbers or anything but I use to write business plans for businesses.  If you already run a facility now that and you have been doing it for eight years I would think all those numbers would be there as far as how many animals a year – approximately how many animals a year you’re losing.  Approximately how many puppies and I know you’re saying depending on the size of the dog I understand that but, to be honest with you if I was with a client and I was walking up to a Planning Board my business plan would be far more specific than what you are giving us.  Maybe I am out of line in saying that.  It just seems like there are a lot of gray areas.  For a facility as large as this is, the amount of money that you are going to put into it, I would think that you would know, to be honest with you, almost to the dollar of what it is going to cost on a yearly bases to pay back this facility.  Everything that you are going to put into this is costly.  To me it is very vague, which scares me a little bit.  Is what you are telling us really what it is going to be in the end?  I don’t want to know dollar amounts I just would like to know.  You can put a plan out there without putting the dollar amounts out there.  Being more specific it seems like if you have already done this for years that you could rattle these numbers off.”Mr. Fladd stated that “yeah you’d know on an average every year how many dogs died.  That is just what people are interested in.”Margaret Brewin – “How many puppies did you say approximately what 1000?”Chairman Harvey stated that is what is going to be important to think about that specific issue.  “I think that is going to drive what you’re looking at for putting on your plan for compost area.   And making everyone understand is it, large enough to meet your requirements for your business.”Chairman Harvey asked if there were any more comments from the public.  Hearing none the public hearing was adjourned to be re-opened January 23, 2012, at 7:30PM in the Gorham Town Hall.

More on the notes of the November meeting click here



The Planning Board unanimously approved a special use permit and site plan following a public hearing last week for the facility requested by Curtis and Jolene Martin.

We must shut this down before it gets built! We post 1000’s of animals that need homes and half of those have been abused. If we allow this “breeding facility” to be built, more dogs will be disposed of and dropped off at the shelters. The abuse rate will increase, and more animals will be euthanized!

We are working on oginizing a protest in Gorham, NY! WE NEED YOU! 


Building site Gorham, NY





2 Responses to “Protest: Large “wholesale” dog breeding facility (puppy mill) approved for Gorham, NY”

  1. rumpydog February 2, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    This is horrible!

  2. Tim Goddard February 2, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    Anything for a buck………..using animal misery to get wealthy. Animals are not here to be factory farmed.

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