Update on Louie: Yorkie Thrown From 23-foot-high Balcony

3 Feb
Thank you so much to all that have signed the petition for little Louie. So far, there are close to 3,000 signatures calling for Gary Wallace Jr. be sentenced with the maximum penalty allowed by law. We received an email from a caring individual that informed us that Louie is safe and getting better. He has been already been adopted by a loving family and now has two other siblings!Louie now lives with a female and male yorkies and they are doing well.
According to the letter, the new family was able to adopt him since the abuser was not the owner and the rightful owner of Louie forfeited all the ownership rights of Louie. Little Louie had to have 4 teeth removed as they were broken off at the gum line because of the “fall.”  Louie’s new care giver tells us that just yesterday they learned that Louie had suffered 3 undiagnosed broken ribs and is now being treated for them. Despite the pain that he must have been in, he has been very sweet, trying to make friends with his new pack mates and loves being petted, held or touched in anyway.
Louie’s new family has sent all his medical information to the Animal Control Officer in charge of his case. The animal maiming charges against his abuser include a felony of animal maiming and they want the evidence of that readily available to the court.

To sign the petition for Louie and learn more about the initial case click here


One Response to “Update on Louie: Yorkie Thrown From 23-foot-high Balcony”

  1. Sheila Black February 3, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    Thank God for people like the ones that took Louie in! Kudos to you! I hope the person who did this gets the maximum penalty, which is still not enough. Sign the petition to get animal abuse charges as a felony!!!

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