Looking for a home for a 6yo cat, “WYATT”‏

6 Feb



The following is a courtesy listing in order to help find a good home for Wyatt. Please if you may know someone in Albuquerque NM that could help, please contact Joshua at the given number.


Albuquerque, NM- Hello, I am earnestly trying to find a good home for a cat.

 Briefly, my friend had an emergency and we are unsure how long he will be away from home…(months). He adopted “Wyatt” from the Humane Society only earlier last month (~Jan 7, 2012). Despite all our best efforts, we have not been able to find a foster or permanent home yet.
Description: WYATT EARP (name he came with from AH), 6yo, neutered Male, housecat, (DMH?), 1 previous owner prior to Humane Society, very sociable, healthy, with claws & a raccoon type tail 🙂

Wyatt seems to be a very personable little pet.  I would include paperwork, collar, feeding supplies, toys, etc.. And, if there’s a concern about cost, I’d be happy to ‘sponsor’ or otherwise, contribute what money I can to ensure Wyatt’s immediate needs.
We were first looking for someone to foster him until my friend is well again (he is a responsible pet owner just current circums are out of his control). In almost 1 month I have not been successful finding a foster or a permanent owner, so in expanding my search for a home and/or further advice, I’m hoping you may be able to help.
I am a pet owner myself and I am genuinely concerned and committed to making sure Wyatt gets a proper home quickly.  Thank you in advance for your reply and any help or suggestions you may have for me.  You can contact me via email or phone, usually I’m available to answer/respond to any message any time after 12pm.  Thank you very much.
Sincerely, –Josh Atlas     (505) 450 4755

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