SPCA of Connecticut Issues Urgent Appeal To Quickly Find Homes For Nearly 50 Dogs After Receiving Court Order From Town Of Monroe

8 Feb

The SPCA of Connecticut, Inc. issued an emergency adoption appeal today to communities throughout the region to help the find suitable homes for nearly 50 dogs due to an ongoing legal campaign by the Town of Monroe. The order instructs the no-kill animal shelter in operation for over 12 years to limit housing to 29 dogs. There are presently over 80 pets housed at the facility.

“This has been the cumulation of a harassment campaign waged by Monroe town officials for over 12 years now. First of all, I’m surprised the taxpayers of Monroe are not upset that town officials are using their hard-earned tax dollars to pay for a high-priced law firm to harass us. In fact, we know as of today at least $20,000 of taxpayer dollars have been spent. Second, these pets have been housed at this location for many years now. I believe this is an ongoing harassment campaign by Monroe’s top town officials,” explained Fred Acker, director, SPCA of Connecticut, Inc. “It’s outrageous when officials play politics with homeless pets, and in the end, it’s the animals that will suffer. We cannot let this happen. Monroe officials want the animal population to be reduced. In fact, they are trying to outlaw practically all adoption activities, limit hours and make it almost impossible to offer adoption services. It’s especially disturbing since one of the main people responsible for this harassment campaign, the Monroe first selectman, adopted his dog from the SPCA of Connecticut.”

“Now that the Town of Monroe is forcing the SPCA to reduce the dog population, I worry about the many animals we cannot take and who are at the risk of being killed. They did not ask to be in cages. They did not ask to be killed,” said retired teacher and SPCA of Connecticut Volunteer Barb Groel, , CT.

“The SPCA of Connecticut strives to provide a safe haven for cats and dogs, including sick or injured animals, and we provide long term care for animals which are not adopted. These are the animals that will be affected the most by the mandate of the Town of Monroe to reduce our numbers. We are in urgent need to place as many of these pets in homes before the April 30, 2012 deadline. This mandate will also severely limit our ability to save more animals in need, and these potentially wonderful pets will be euthanized at kill-shelters and pounds both here in Connecticut as well as around the country. This court order totally ignores the fact that we have adequate staff and facilities to care for each and every dog that resides here. Sadly, I do not think this is the end of the town’s harassment campaign. Clearly, I believe they just want to put us out of business without regard for the lives of animals,” concluded Acker.

During my time with the SPCA of Connecticut, I have volunteered at many of the adoption events and I have been amazed by the number of dogs we have placed at these events that would otherwise have been euthanized. The mission of the SPCA of Connecticut is invaluable to so many animals in need. Two of my own dogs were adopted from the SPCA of Connecticut, both of which would almost certainly have been euthanized at another shelter, since they are considered special needs,” said Jen Sadlier, volunteer, SPCA of Connecticut, Colchester, CT.

The SPCA of Connecticut is presently located at 359 Spring Hill Road, Monroe, CT, 06468. For more information about the SPCA of Connecticut, visit http://www.spcact.org, email tsvsi@aol.com or call (203) 445-9978.

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