Lady Marie Bear is scheduled to die for no reason

22 Feb

Lady used to be a stray dog. A dog that walked aimlessly the streets and each day tried to survive. One day she found her way to the loving home of Glen Marie Friend and settled in with a compassionate family. According to an article on Lady was unjustly seized from her loving home and has been kept at Nelson County Animal Control in the city of Lovingston in the state of Virginia. To Read more of the story of Lady continue reading on and click here for the link.

Hand4Paws is calling on all animal advocates to join the efforts of Larisa Scharikin Vice President at The Lexus Project. There has been a community on Facebook under the name of Save Lady Marie Bear. Please join in order to keep updated on the case.  Also there is an ONLINE PETITION , we urge you to consider giving your voice to Lady Marie Bear and add your name to it. The petition is targeting the Nelson County Animal Control.  If it is within your possibilities to donate money to the Chip In for Lady Marie Bear, please do so. According to the Facebook Admins of the community they explain that the attorney works pro bono but that there are still court costs that must be paid and that a trust fund is being set up for her.

To sign the petition please click here

To donate for Lady Marie please click here

To join the Facebook Community please click here

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