SPCA International Emergency Animal Rescue Video Shows Animals Stranded in Deplorable Conditions in Thailand

25 Feb

Animal Rescue Workers Dispatched to Help in Wake of Deadly Flooding

NEW YORK, Feb 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SPCA International, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing animal suffering and abuse internationally, has posted a newly shot video showing SPCA International’s Animal Rescue Expert, Terri Crisp, at a facility in Thailand holding approximately 1,000 animals living in deplorable conditions caused by heavy flooding late last year. SPCA International dispatched staff to Thailand earlier this month to assess and respond to the crisis animals are now facing post-flood.

The floods killed hundreds of people and were the worst to hit central Thailand since 1942. Countless animals were killed by the floods, while thousands of others were rescued by animal organizations and good Samaritans. Now their plight continues as shelters work to rebuild. However, some cannot to due to lack of funding or will.

“After natural disasters there are several layers of rescue work that take months or longer,” said Stephanie Scott of SPCA International. “Pulling animals out of the flood water is the first critical step, but there are medical needs, vaccinations, supplies, clean-up and rebuilding efforts that are essential to ensure the animal population is safe and healthy. Many homeless animals were significantly displaced by the flooding, now miles away from what was originally their territory. Others were owned animals that could not be reunited with their caregivers and are now facing a very uncertain future. We hope the news from the video will help raise global awareness and allow us to send more aid to this region.”

SPCA International specializes in assisting animals in areas of conflict and disaster. During times of natural disaster, political turmoil, war and man-made disaster, SPCA International is ready to take action for the protection of animals. Along with partner organizations around the world, they focus on helping in crisis situations where animals are at risk or in danger. Video and news about SPCA International’s work is available on the group’s Web site, http://www.spcai.org .

SOURCE: SPCA International


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