10 Mar

Fellowship of the Minds

Do you buy pork from Wal*Mart?

Do you know that the pigs from which came the pork you eat lived lives of sheer hell, unable to turn around in their tiny crates for their entire lives?

If you treat your pet cat or dog this way, you’ll be arrested for animal cruelty. But food-animal breeders get away with this cruelty.

If that doesn’t concern you, you should at least be concerned about the stress hormones you are ingesting along with the pork. Like humans, the bodies of pigs also release stress hormones when they are under stress.

Here’s a U.S. Humane Society alert:

Newly-released undercover video footage taken by The Humane Society of the United States at factory farms owned by Seaboard Foods and Prestage Farms—two of the nation’s largest pork producers—show appalling animal cruelty. Breeding pigs are locked inside tiny gestation crates, unable to even turn around…

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