17 Mar


The Memphis Flyer repeats the city’s claim of a 52% kill rate, which I debunked here, for January and February.  The article also notes that interim director James Rogers plans to have a dog agility course built at MAS so the dogs can be made more adoptable.  In reviewing the security camera footage, I found that on February 7, only 10 dogs were taken outside individually for a few minutes of off leash time.  This is great for those 10 dogs but completely unacceptable that the remainder of the canine population must stay in their cages 24/7.  Daily walks are essential for shelter dogs.  There are numerous physical and psychological benefits which all lead to healthier, more adoptable dogs.  This is why the item has been on my bullet point list for so long.

Since Mr. Rogers is not a pet owner and does not have any job experience…

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