20 Mar


Illinois – Bryan Jones, an ACO in Joliet Township for 14 years, was recently fired after taking action to save a Chihuahua from the pound’s kill room.  A tech had deemed the little dog aggressive and, fearing the dog (whom he knew to be friendly) would be killed, Mr. Jones took the Chihuahua home with him.  He later requested to adopt the dog, whom he named Chewie.  The pound director and the township supervisor ordered Mr. Jones to return the dog saying Chewie would be kept for a week and, if the people who had already deemed him aggressive turned around and deemed him adoptable, the ACO would be allowed to save Chewie’s life.  He was ultimately told to either resign or be terminated and that regardless of which he chose, he still had to return the dog.  Mr. Jones took a pass on the uh, offer and…

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  1. fox71j March 20, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    Wishing you luck, Brian, on your job search, with admiration and respect.

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