Great Tips on Traveling With Your Pet by Guest Blogger Faith Gooding

28 Mar

Want to take your pet with you when you travel?

Here are some great tips to make sure you and your pet stay safe!

pettravel Picture courtesy

Traveling with your pet

When you need to travel it’s hard to leave your furry friend behind, that’s where  pet shipping comes in! Although, unfortunately, when flying, we can’t give our pets the seat next to us, there are safe and friendly ways to get your pet to wherever you are going.

So, how do you transport your pet safely?

We’ve put together some tips for ensuring your pet is safe during travel, but remember; each pet is different, so choose a pet shipping company that offers custom pet shipping.

Before Traveling

  • Make sure your pet is well hydrated before traveling.
  • Obtain a health certificate – take your pet for a check-up with the vet before traveling.
  • Don’t feed your pet immediately before traveling.
  • Allow your pet to get used to the crate/carrier it will be travelling in.
  • Do not place any hard objects inside the crate/carrier.
  • Ensure that you have the correct size crate/carrier – your pet should be able to stand up and turn around inside.
  • Check immunisation/quarantine regulations before traveling.


When travelling by air, there are 3 different options for transporting your pet:

  • In the cabin: This is only an option for small animals. Animals are placed under your seat in a carrier. Check your airline’s regulations before travelling.
  • As a ticketed passenger: Your pet will travel on the same flight as you, safely tucked up in the cargo area.
  • Unaccompanied: Your pet travels in the cargo area on a flight without you.

Reassuring points:

  • Animals are grouped together in the cargo area by type.
  • Animals are separate from luggage.
  • As well as being temperature controlled and pressurised, airlines ensure that the pet cargo area contains enough oxygen for each pet.

Travelling by car?

  • Do not allow your pet to wander around in your vehicle.
  • Ensure your pet is comfortable throught the journey.

Some pet owners choose to transport their pets in carriers or crates, if you would rather your pet had a little more freedom then invest in a canine seatbelt.

A writer, and a pet lover, Faith Gooding works on behalf of uShip after discovering them when searching for the best way to ship her beloved Springer Spaniel, Taz. If you are looking for pet shipping, house removals or even a man with a van visit uShip.


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