UPDATE: Abandoned dog at walmart in Madera California parking lot

6 Apr



Hand4Paws received the following email from the person that has been feeding the abandoned dog in the parking lot. Please if you are in the Madera California and know of a rescue that can help this pup, please contact us at hand4paws@mail.com to contact you with the person caring the pup. If a rescue steps up to help the pup, Hand4Paws is willing to run a chipin for the organization in order to take care of the expenses for the rescue. Thank you so very much for everyone’s help.

Here is the email:

Hello I was given this email address off of twitter after staying up late once again and networking to everyone and anyone I can find that might help with this dog, some of you who are included in this email are doing just that, networking the dog, so far I have no confirmed rescue as of yesterday I have texted Misfitz and Muttz repeatedly and also left messages on  their facebook wall, asking what is going on after being told they would help so now all the extra time I am putting in to save this female dog left to starve in a parking lot has put me back at square one not knowing if I can catch her will I have a home for her to go to one that won’t betray her yet again, I will attach pics of her and hope that unlike the rescue that said they would help, I can find some real serious help, so far more NO than anything else is what I have heard, picky about what a rescue will take in or not and no we don’t do big dogs or that breed, which really confuses me when yet so many animals are in kill pounds dying. I am not a rescue, I don’t ask for donations to rescue, I am not set up as a rescue, I am concerned person living in a town that sees a dog left somewhere and I just try to do the right thing that is all, I have six now and cannot keep another one as the six I have I saved from the streets as well and just wound up keeping them after all the work I put into by myself to save them but I have to know my limits and I cannot keep her as much as I might want to, I work full-time night hours so I can be at home during the day with my mine while my husband works, it is hard but we do the best we can for the ones we have, they are spoiled and from day one have all meshed together like it was just meant to be. I am pleading, begging I don’t care I will not allow this dog if I can help it to just be forgotten, the security guards at walmart are trying to help catch her for me as they say she is pretty familiar with them, animal control has been out there trying to catch her and they will put her down, plain and simple no questions asked, I mean who cares, really? most don’t that is why she has been on her own for what I have been told is a while, people just drive on by and not slow down almost like they want to hit her rather than help her. I have been told she is shy and timid and wants to get close but is leary of people and I don’t blame her, I check on her every day in the morning and evening and she always has water as it is starting to warm up here and it gets hot fast, thank you hands and patty for what you are doing so many and I mean many I have reached out and nothing which is really very sad. I am so upset about thinking I had help and not sure really what is going on there, am I missing something, I just try to believe in people and I guess get let down by doing so, I won’t let that stop me though, so please any help in getting her safe and home would be so thankful for, not for me who cares I am asking for her.



3 Responses to “UPDATE: Abandoned dog at walmart in Madera California parking lot”

  1. Marcia S Klaas April 6, 2012 at 5:39 am #

    I’m in Arkansas, but am interested in future comments on this abandoned dog. I’m a rescuer, but I only know rescuers in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas if any of those can help let me know and I’ll email everyone I know. What kind of dog is she or he?

    • Hand4Paws April 6, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

      Thank you so much Marcia! It would help out a lot if you could share with the rescues you know to see if maybe they know some rescue in that area. She/He seems to be a mix pup.

  2. Hand4Paws April 10, 2012 at 1:51 am #

    Great news on the abandoned dog, she is safe! And she now has a name, “Rachel”. But Rachel still needs a good home. Here is the update, with a new picture of this pretty pup: https://hand4paws.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/help-rescue-needed-asap-for-stray-dog-living-near-busy-intersection-in-madera-ca/

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