10 Apr


“OMG…AS A HORSE LOVER & OWNER, I AM HORRIFIED AT THIS NEWS & VERY VERY UPSET BY IT…Finally after my tears have allowed me to see, I have posted this video captured by Animals Angels. I am totally in shock that a livestock auction had dead & dyeing horses on its property to sell!!!…It is painfully obvious the horses had been down a while & were clearly distressed & in pain.”

“The grey mare in particular with a very large open bleeding wound on her protruding hip bone.  How is this allowed to happen?? I thought downed animals had to be euthanized  immediately? In fact they should never have been allowed to load in that condition…How did they get to the paddock??  The Angels even asked for them to be euthanized but their requests were ignored; several times. Apparently the majority of the horses at the auction were emaciated…New Mexico‘s Livestock Board better have some…

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