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Justice for Desmond Gathering June 3, 2012 on the Branford Green in CT

31 May


                                               Photo courtesy of Justice for Desmond Facebook Page

Desmond was the beautiful dog who was tortured, beaten, and starved, before ultimately being hanged to death by his owner, 22 year old Alex Wullaert. Desmond was surrendered by his prior owner to The New Haven Animal Shelter where he quickly became a volunteer favorite. He loved to climb onto chairs, or into your lap, or next to you. His tail was always wagging. He was adopted by Alex Wullaert for the shelter.

“Justice for Desmond” friends would like to invite everyone to their next big event in honoring Desmond. They are having a candlelight vigil on the Branford Green in Connecticut on Sunday, June 3rd, from 12-dark. They will be talking to people who maybe haven’t been made aware of Alex’s crimes, as that day is the beginning of Branford’s Restaurant Week. They will handing out posters, copies of the arrest warrant which include evidence of prolonged abuse, signs, and fliers. At dusk they plan distribute candles to light, while reflecting on the beautiful soul who’s life was taken not only from him, but from all of Desmond’s friends and those who loved him. Please plan to join this gathering and the next court date Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 at 9:00. New Haven Superior Court 121 Elm Street. New Haven, CT 06510. Friends of Desmond will start arriving at 7:15.

RIP sweet Desmond.

There is no excuse for animal abuse. Please be the voice for Sweet Baby Desmond.

For more information on the gathering:

Please “Like” Justice for Desmond Facebook page and read more about this sweet dog who’s life was so cruelly ended.

Advertisements Lists the Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

22 May

MIAMI, May 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, a time to spread awareness of the symptoms of cancer in dogs and cats. As cancer is the leading cause of death in cats and dogs, knowing the symptoms your pets may present if they develop the disease can help you and your vet diagnose and treat your pet sooner. Therefore, has pulled together the top 10 warning signs of cancer in dogs and cats.

1. Lumps and Bumps: Not every lump or bump is necessarily cancerous, but consulting with your vet is the only way to be sure. If the lump is growing or not resolving itself, contact your vet and he or she will do a biopsy to determine the contents of the bump.

2. Abnormal Odors: Foul odors from any of your cat or dog’s orifices and/or body parts may be a cause for concern. Cancers of the mouth, nose, or anal regions can cause your pet to emit offensive odors.

3. Abnormal Discharges: Discharges such as blood, pus, vomit, diarrhea, and any other abnormal substance being excreted from your pet’s body should be checked out by a veterinarian immediately. A bloated or distended stomach could also be a sign of internal discharge.

4. NonHealing Wounds: Lacerations or sores that do not heal within a normal time range on the surface of your cat or dog’s body may indicate infection, skin disease, and possibly cancer.

5. Weight Loss: Sudden weight loss in cats and dogs not on a diet can be an indicator of many diseases and illnesses. If coupled with another warning sign of cancer, you should contact your vet right away and inform him or her about your pet’s symptoms.

6. Change in Appetite: While a lack of appetite in dogs and cats can be an indicator of many things, they never stop eating without a cause. Not necessarily a sign of cancer, a decrease in appetite can indicate an oral tumor, which would make it painful and difficult for your pet to eat and swallow.

7. Coughing or Difficulty Breathing: Although symptoms of heart and lung disease, coughing and abnormal breathing can also indicate cancer. This symptom will most likely occur if the cancer in your pet’s body has metastasized into his or her lungs.

8. Lethargy and Depression: If your pet has cancer, there is a chance that he or she will suffer from depression and sleep more, become less playful, and be less willing to go for walks. Although lethargy or depression in dogs and cats can set in with any illness, it is commonly seen in pets that have cancer.

9. Changes in Bathroom Habits: Any changes in your pet’s bathroom habits including difficulty using the bathroom, frequent bathroom use, and blood in urine or stools are potential warning signs that cancer has developed in your pet.

10. Evidence of Pain: Limping or other evidence of your dog or cat in pain when he or she is active, or if the pain is too great for them to be active, can be indications of cancer of the bone.

While no one sign purely indicates cancer, a cat or dog displaying two or more of these symptoms should be taken to the veterinarian for an exam so that he or she can be properly diagnosed and treated accordingly.

petMD is the leading online resource focused solely on the health and well-being of pets. The site maintains the world’s largest pet health library, written and approved by a network of trusted veterinarians. petMD was founded to inspire pet owners to provide an ever-increasing quality of life for their pets and to connect pet owners with pet experts and other animal lovers. petMD is a subsidiary of the Pet360 family of brands, which also includes– a highly personalized & engaged community dedicated to simplifying and enhancing pet parenting, – the most complete pet food and supply retailer online, and– a fully certified, full-service pet pharmacy delivering pet meds, vitamins and comprehensive pet health and wellness products. For more information, visit

Killer Cops Strike Again! Don’t Let Them Get Away With Murder – CALL TO ACTION!

19 May

Reposted from by BSL News on May 16, 2012


By Sloane Quealy-Miner


Yesterday Cindy Marabito reported via The American Pit Bull Examiner of yet another heinous killing perpetrated by the Cheatham County, Tennessee Police. The victim’s name is Kojo, and he is another innocent dog that has had his life unjustly snuffed out by killer cops. And if the execution wasn’t despicable enough the morally bankrupt police officers threw Kojo’s still warm, lifeless body off of a nearby 150 foot cliff.


An eyewitness who reported the incident and witnessed the entire episode reported “when the officers shot the dog, they dragged it into the woods and threw it off the bluff”. Kojo’s “owner” Brandon Reed has not been able to recover his loving dogs body.


It is clear to me and many others that the cops were up to no good and in fact knew they were wrong which is why they threw Kojo’s body off the bluff. It also comes as no surprise to me that everyone who knew Kojo reports he was an extremely well-mannered and well-adjusted, friendly, loving dog. Kojo will be greatly missed by his “owner” Brandon Reed and also by Buster the bunny who Kojo shared not only a home with but a food bowl.


It is clear to me that many officers believe they have a free pass to kill when it comes to pit bulls. These ethically challenged cops repeatedly used the tired defense that the dog was “vicious” or “aggressive” when in countless cases the witnesses have reported otherwise.




Don’t let the Cheatham County Sheriffs’ Department get away with murder! SPEAK UP regarding this clear abuse of power by the responding police officers who are supposed to serve and protect, not terrorize and needlessly kill the innocent!


 CONTACT Sheriff Holder at the Cheatham County, Tennessee


CALL: 615-792-4341
200 Public Square
Ashland City, TN 37015

17 May

Loki's Gift

Thank you to Ms. Brenda Thompson for your amazing dedication.





Saturday July 7, 2012


Brenda Thompson is the owner of Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue in Hagersville, Ontario.  Now filled to capacity fundraisers are extremely important in order to continue the amazing work that this rescue does.  Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue does not receive funding.  We can all imagine just how expensive feed, veterinarian care and the operation of such a large undertaking actually is.

The  ” 5th Annual Open House Fundraiser on July 7, 2012”  is ” fast approaching” Ms. Thompson is now reaching out to her  supporters along with local businesses to support her cause by sponsoring the fundraiser requesting donations  “of items such as prizes for…

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Giving Rescues a voice! Meet Pawsibilities Are Endless!

17 May

Giving Rescues a voice! Guest Blogging Spot for Registered Animal Rescues!

The following is a guest blog posting from a registered rescue in the state of Missouri. They are in great need of a van in order to transport animals to adoption clinics. Due to the lack of a proper transportation vehicle, many of the adoptable dogs stay behind at the shelter and do not get a chance at adoption until the next clinic. Please take a moment to read and get to know the work of Pawsibilities are Endless. Please remember, small donations add up in a tremendous way. Even if you can’t help financially, you can lend a hand by sharing

Thank you for offering to help our rescue with our fundraising and van needs.
Pawsibilities Are Endless is a small rescue in rural, Missouri; we’re 2 hours from Kansas City. We originally established the rescue to help specifically the Windsor, Missouri pound, but have now expanded to assist the Clinton and Warrensburg, Mo shelters and individuals as well, although we are still small. At this time we assist 50-100 dogs per year maximum.
We use several different vets depending on our dog’s needs, all are 45 minutes to an hour and a half away, however, our two vehicles used for transporting are a truck and a compact car, so the maximum amount of dogs we can transport at one given time is 4 and that’s if we have small dogs (we mostly help medium to large dogs) and if there isn’t a lot of equipment we need to transport. (kennels, tables, chairs for pet fairs, etc)
An example of the problems we run into just happened yesterday; I had 4 large dogs to take to the vet but there isn’t enough room in the vehicle for all of them, so I’ll be making 2-3 trips to get them all vetted, all 45 minutes away, an hour and a half round trip; 3 of the dogs now can’t go to the vet until next week.
Another example is, when we pulled 3 dogs from the Warrensburg shelter I didn’t have enough room in my vehicle for all of them so had to make 2 separate trips on 2 separate days, also a 45 minute one way trip, an hour and a half round trip.
The added travel time of course costs us financially, but also takes me away from other important rescue duties; imagine what I could get done with those extra days.
Because of our location, we travel 2-3 times per month, 3 hours round trip to Blue Springs for pet fairs at the Petco in the car or truck, leaving behind adoptable dogs just because we can’t fit them in the vehicle.
We are 501c3 and would love to have a cargo style van, suv or minivan donated to the rescue so we could take more dogs on each trip, saving in gas for vet runs and getting more adoptable dogs to pet fairs.

The second thing we are trying to do is pay off our rescue expenses. Right now we are doing fundraisers to try to come up with $2100, most of which was spent on medical expenses. We’ve spent $1200 in the past month and a half at one vet’s office for 3 different dogs.

Our contact information is below.
Text: 660-351-5879
Thanks again!
Adoption, Pet Fair and Foster Home Coordinator 
Treasurer, President and Transporter


Bestiality is legal in Connecticut

13 May

by Dolores P.

If anyone had asked me two years ago what bestiality or zoophilia meant I would have looked at them strangely and told them I had no clue. Bestiality or zoophilia can be defined as a sexual act with an animal. Disgusting isn’t it! Little did I know that upon my journey to help animals I not only would embrace new friendships, rescue a great dog (thanks to my friend Lil), but also learn the ugly and dark side about the human race.
Bestiality is a definite form of animal abuse. Sadly, it is not recognized as a crime in many States and Countries. Why? In some countries it goes back to ancient times and was condoned, but at that time gladiators would fight to their death in public arenas. The gladiator age is long gone, so should the condoning of bestiality. We have evolved, times have changed, bestiality is just wrong. We need to push it as a crime in every State.
Last year in Connecticut. a man brutalized 2 horses in his neighbor’s barn. One died from the infection that the horse acquired from this crude act and the other horse needed treatment. The man was given a misdemeanor and is still living across the street from this neighbor. How can that be possible? Maybe people are not aware of what happens around them? Some people choose to ignore and walk away, some people just don’t care. An article was written in the newspapers when this occurred and minimal outcry or even disgust was generated from the public. This is very sad.
Hand4paws started a petition to make bestiality a crime in CT. and it has received less than 5,000 signatures. It has been posted many times in multiple places on Facebook Twitter and elsewhere. The people in Hand4paws have many petitions going at all times and multiple petitions presently to stop bestiality in two States. We should all take the time to sign the petitions and help to be the voice of the animals.
If more people were aware of animal abuse we could make bestiality a crime and lock up these sick people that do this to animals. Bestiality does not stand alone. Humans starve, torture, abuse, neglect, discard, mistreat, and kill animals on a daily basis. It is rampant; we must open our eyes and report abuse in any form to the proper authorities. It is just wrong to turn your back and walk away.
I ask you please take the time to go to find the petitions concerning bestiality and animal abuse and sign them. Be vigilante when you are in the neighborhood and notice cruelty in any form occurring to a animal or “pet”.
Report it, stop it, and please do not be silent.

11 May


“OMG…Somebody must know these evil bastards, because I’ll bet their bragging about it to someone. PLEASE if you know anything, get in touch with Guardians of Rescues”

Guardians of Rescue, a 501(c) 3 is a compassionate group of volunteers who come to the aid of those in distress. Last Friday, a volunteer from a local group who helps to maintain feral cats in the Ronkonkoma, New York area of Veterans Memorial Highway and Sycamore made a heinous discovery when she found three-day old kittensbrutally beaten and tortured.

A $1000 reward has been offered by the rescue group for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for killing the kittens.

Between May 3 at 10:00 in the morning and May 4, someone came in and ripped eight defenseless kittens from…

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