7 May


In a letter to the editor of a MD newspaper, the Maryland State Director for HSUS writes about the recent court ruling declaring Pitbulls as inherently dangerous animals:

We encourage Marylanders to call their state legislators to urge them to pass legislation to overturn this ruling.

At first glance, I’m in agreement but the devil is in the details.  For example:

A dog’s propensity to bite is a product of several factors including early socialization, living conditions and the owner’s behavior, not breed alone. For example, chained and non-neutered dogs are much more likely to bite.

Oh hogwash!  Way to promote myths and misinformation HSUS. “Not breed alone” implies that breed is in fact one of the factors that determine a dog’s propensity to bite.  This is wrong, as is the notion that intact dogs are “much more likely” to bite.   The National Canine Research Council sets the record…

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