Bestiality is legal in Connecticut

13 May

by Dolores P.

If anyone had asked me two years ago what bestiality or zoophilia meant I would have looked at them strangely and told them I had no clue. Bestiality or zoophilia can be defined as a sexual act with an animal. Disgusting isn’t it! Little did I know that upon my journey to help animals I not only would embrace new friendships, rescue a great dog (thanks to my friend Lil), but also learn the ugly and dark side about the human race.
Bestiality is a definite form of animal abuse. Sadly, it is not recognized as a crime in many States and Countries. Why? In some countries it goes back to ancient times and was condoned, but at that time gladiators would fight to their death in public arenas. The gladiator age is long gone, so should the condoning of bestiality. We have evolved, times have changed, bestiality is just wrong. We need to push it as a crime in every State.
Last year in Connecticut. a man brutalized 2 horses in his neighbor’s barn. One died from the infection that the horse acquired from this crude act and the other horse needed treatment. The man was given a misdemeanor and is still living across the street from this neighbor. How can that be possible? Maybe people are not aware of what happens around them? Some people choose to ignore and walk away, some people just don’t care. An article was written in the newspapers when this occurred and minimal outcry or even disgust was generated from the public. This is very sad.
Hand4paws started a petition to make bestiality a crime in CT. and it has received less than 5,000 signatures. It has been posted many times in multiple places on Facebook Twitter and elsewhere. The people in Hand4paws have many petitions going at all times and multiple petitions presently to stop bestiality in two States. We should all take the time to sign the petitions and help to be the voice of the animals.
If more people were aware of animal abuse we could make bestiality a crime and lock up these sick people that do this to animals. Bestiality does not stand alone. Humans starve, torture, abuse, neglect, discard, mistreat, and kill animals on a daily basis. It is rampant; we must open our eyes and report abuse in any form to the proper authorities. It is just wrong to turn your back and walk away.
I ask you please take the time to go to find the petitions concerning bestiality and animal abuse and sign them. Be vigilante when you are in the neighborhood and notice cruelty in any form occurring to a animal or “pet”.
Report it, stop it, and please do not be silent.


4 Responses to “Bestiality is legal in Connecticut”

  1. Mia May 14, 2012 at 5:49 am #

    If someone can do this to an animal what stops them from violating a child next? Make this illegally now.

  2. sarah halfpenny May 14, 2012 at 6:39 am #

    Erm, excuse me, its early on a monday morning but did i just read that ‘ in america humans are havin sex with
    Animals ‘ ? UURRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘ONLY IN AMERICA’ do these things happen, thats sick, disgusting, evil wierdos

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