Giving Rescues a voice! Meet Pawsibilities Are Endless!

17 May

Giving Rescues a voice! Guest Blogging Spot for Registered Animal Rescues!

The following is a guest blog posting from a registered rescue in the state of Missouri. They are in great need of a van in order to transport animals to adoption clinics. Due to the lack of a proper transportation vehicle, many of the adoptable dogs stay behind at the shelter and do not get a chance at adoption until the next clinic. Please take a moment to read and get to know the work of Pawsibilities are Endless. Please remember, small donations add up in a tremendous way. Even if you can’t help financially, you can lend a hand by sharing

Thank you for offering to help our rescue with our fundraising and van needs.
Pawsibilities Are Endless is a small rescue in rural, Missouri; we’re 2 hours from Kansas City. We originally established the rescue to help specifically the Windsor, Missouri pound, but have now expanded to assist the Clinton and Warrensburg, Mo shelters and individuals as well, although we are still small. At this time we assist 50-100 dogs per year maximum.
We use several different vets depending on our dog’s needs, all are 45 minutes to an hour and a half away, however, our two vehicles used for transporting are a truck and a compact car, so the maximum amount of dogs we can transport at one given time is 4 and that’s if we have small dogs (we mostly help medium to large dogs) and if there isn’t a lot of equipment we need to transport. (kennels, tables, chairs for pet fairs, etc)
An example of the problems we run into just happened yesterday; I had 4 large dogs to take to the vet but there isn’t enough room in the vehicle for all of them, so I’ll be making 2-3 trips to get them all vetted, all 45 minutes away, an hour and a half round trip; 3 of the dogs now can’t go to the vet until next week.
Another example is, when we pulled 3 dogs from the Warrensburg shelter I didn’t have enough room in my vehicle for all of them so had to make 2 separate trips on 2 separate days, also a 45 minute one way trip, an hour and a half round trip.
The added travel time of course costs us financially, but also takes me away from other important rescue duties; imagine what I could get done with those extra days.
Because of our location, we travel 2-3 times per month, 3 hours round trip to Blue Springs for pet fairs at the Petco in the car or truck, leaving behind adoptable dogs just because we can’t fit them in the vehicle.
We are 501c3 and would love to have a cargo style van, suv or minivan donated to the rescue so we could take more dogs on each trip, saving in gas for vet runs and getting more adoptable dogs to pet fairs.

The second thing we are trying to do is pay off our rescue expenses. Right now we are doing fundraisers to try to come up with $2100, most of which was spent on medical expenses. We’ve spent $1200 in the past month and a half at one vet’s office for 3 different dogs.

Our contact information is below.
Text: 660-351-5879
Thanks again!
Adoption, Pet Fair and Foster Home Coordinator 
Treasurer, President and Transporter



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