Killer Cops Strike Again! Don’t Let Them Get Away With Murder – CALL TO ACTION!

19 May

Reposted from by BSL News on May 16, 2012


By Sloane Quealy-Miner


Yesterday Cindy Marabito reported via The American Pit Bull Examiner of yet another heinous killing perpetrated by the Cheatham County, Tennessee Police. The victim’s name is Kojo, and he is another innocent dog that has had his life unjustly snuffed out by killer cops. And if the execution wasn’t despicable enough the morally bankrupt police officers threw Kojo’s still warm, lifeless body off of a nearby 150 foot cliff.


An eyewitness who reported the incident and witnessed the entire episode reported “when the officers shot the dog, they dragged it into the woods and threw it off the bluff”. Kojo’s “owner” Brandon Reed has not been able to recover his loving dogs body.


It is clear to me and many others that the cops were up to no good and in fact knew they were wrong which is why they threw Kojo’s body off the bluff. It also comes as no surprise to me that everyone who knew Kojo reports he was an extremely well-mannered and well-adjusted, friendly, loving dog. Kojo will be greatly missed by his “owner” Brandon Reed and also by Buster the bunny who Kojo shared not only a home with but a food bowl.


It is clear to me that many officers believe they have a free pass to kill when it comes to pit bulls. These ethically challenged cops repeatedly used the tired defense that the dog was “vicious” or “aggressive” when in countless cases the witnesses have reported otherwise.




Don’t let the Cheatham County Sheriffs’ Department get away with murder! SPEAK UP regarding this clear abuse of power by the responding police officers who are supposed to serve and protect, not terrorize and needlessly kill the innocent!


 CONTACT Sheriff Holder at the Cheatham County, Tennessee


CALL: 615-792-4341
200 Public Square
Ashland City, TN 37015


One Response to “Killer Cops Strike Again! Don’t Let Them Get Away With Murder – CALL TO ACTION!”

  1. rumpydog May 20, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    The dog was definitely a victim here, and the police were wrong to dump the body off the side of a cliff. But I’m also concerned when ANY dog is allowed outside off-leash in an unfenced area and is not supervised.

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