Ask Calypso St Barth to stop selling rabbit fur & goat skin pillows!

7 Jun

A retail store called Calypso St Barth has for sale on their website rabbit fur pillows as well as goat skin pillows. They take pride on saying that since 1992 they have grown from a modest resort-wear boutique to a luxury lifestyle brand with a passionate following. How can there be passion or luxury if there is suffering? It is a sadistic joke the fact that one of the styles of the pillows has a skull printed on it. At least they got one fact straight! They are telling their costumers that their pillows promote death and they are buying the suffering of so many animals. For some reason, on their website it is not specified where the fur comes from. As far as we know they can come from Canada where it is legal the trade of dog and cat fur and people are not actually sleeping on a rabbit or a goat pillow. It really does not matter if it is rabbit fur, goat skin, cat fur or dog fur…the point is that it is a skin that does not belong to humans and we have no right to take it. There is nothing “posh” or stylish about suffering! This is a picture made out of images on their own site. It is all there for their costumers to see and they are proud of what they sell. Just look at the ridiculous prices people pay to own a product where we all know animals have suffered to give up their skin. You would think that people that are able to spend that amount of money would be smarter than that…apparently, it is not the case. Lesson learned, lots of money does not get you common sense, compassion or empathy.

Please if you want to stop the exploiting of animals leave Calypso St. Barth a polite message on their Facebook page asking to stop selling this products

They are also on twitter and you can tweet at them at @CalypsoStBarth asking them to stop selling their cruelty pillows.

If you would like to send them an email they can be reached at

They have stores in the following states. Please make sure to let your family members and friends to boycott Calypso St. Barth until they stop selling rabbit and goat products!


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