Giving Rescues a voice! News letter by Pawsibilities Are Endless!

11 Jun

Giving Rescues a voice! Guest Blogging Spot for Registered Animal Rescues!

The following is a guest blog posting from a registered rescue in the state of Missouri. They are in great need of a van in order to transport animals to adoption clinics. Due to the lack of a proper transportation vehicle, many of the adoptable dogs stay behind at the shelter and do not get a chance at adoption until the next clinic. Please take a moment to read and get to know the work of Pawsibilities are Endless. Please remember, small donations add up in a tremendous way. Even if you can’t help financially, you can lend a hand by sharing ~HAND4PAWS


Thank you’s and news

-This awesome BLOG is featuring our need for a van or mini van for our rescue. Thanks to Hands4Paws!

-Please remember it is mosquito season and it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to infect your dog with heartworms. Please be diligent and use a heartworm preventative. I was hanging out the back yard with Linda and they were swarming the poor baby.

-Colorado Animal Rescue Express: C.A.R.E. was one of Pawsibilities’ very first supporters. For the first 6 months or so Pawsibilities was active we were almost entirely on our own. We remember sending an email out, not even asking for help but because we were SO excited that Angel, a white pit bull was getting adopted from the Wind- sor, Mo pound. Lisa from C.A.R.E. offered to pay for her vetting; we were ecstatic. At that time Pawsibilities was the only group helping the Windsor Pound and we were very grateful to have someone else step in. From that point on Colorado Animal Rescue Express and their Jake’s Fund have helped numerous Windsor Pound dogs and Pawsibilities Are Endless dogs, even assisting us with many of our high cost medical supply orders. However, this last one “took the cake.”

We had contacted Lisa at Colorado Animal Rescue Express letting her know Pawsibilities would be donating many of our 5 ways to the Windsor Pound and asking her if Jake’s Fund would be able to help us with another purchase of these extremely vital vaccines; they not only offered to pay for an entire 25 count box for us, but also offered to buy a box for the Windsor Pound through our order. Wow! We placed the order, adding on some additional items the rescue needed- to save on shipping- knowing Colorado Animal Rescue Express would reimburse us for the 5way vaccines and Pawsibilities Are Endless would pay for the additional supplies.

When we placed the order and we submitted the receipt to Lisa, Colorado Animal Rescue Express sent us a check for the entire, almost $300 purchase! This included enough frontline to last our entire rescue the whole summer! (usually a $75 per month cost for us) we couldn’t believe it; that was so unexpected and we are very grateful! we immediately got on Facebook and asked everyone to go to to thank Lisa, Linda and C.A.R.E.’s Jake’s Fund for their support of our rescue efforts. If you support Pawsibilities Are Endless, please do the same. This group deserves our gratitude. Thank you, C.A.R.E!

-Our weekday adoption events will be on June: 8th and 13th from 3-7pm and the 15th from 5-7pm at the Petco in Blue Springs, MO.

-Pawsibilities Are Endless accept paypal donations at: Thank you Marisa Julien for your paypal donation in May.

-Pawsibilities Are Endless was turned down for a much needed grant we had applied for so this chip in is more important to us now than it has ever been, please help share this link:

-Thank you, Kim Henderson from 1st Community bank in Windsor for donating aluminum cans to help us raise funds!

-Yet another simple way to raise funds for Pawsibilities: pawsibilities.aspx

-Thank you, Lisa D for donating items from our wish list:
 -Pawsibilities has our own iGive link! Earn money for us while you shop!
The same day we set up this link, our adoption coordinator was book- ing a room with Choice Hotels and a message popped up showing the amount that would come to the rescue. We have high hopes for this program.


Facebook: Pawsibilities Are Endless


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