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14 Aug

Dr. Steve Best

This sickening article from the Huffington Post sheds light on the politics of speciesism and how Romney (a dog abuser) cynically chose Paul Ryan for his vice presidential candidate due to his bloodlust for killing animals and the points this would score with conservatives and the NRA. So those in this society who grow up learning it is acceptable and good to kill animals either become serial killers or Representatives and vice-presidential candidates, among two top career options. The quotes from Ted Nugent are as choice as can be and elevate violence and murder to the realm of spirituality and a fine art. Once again, the American people are presented with a stellar cast of talent to chose from as to who will best represent the interests of corporations, the military-industrial complex, the national security state, and the transnational elite.


When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan…

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Dolores speaks: Her letter sent in reference to puppy killer that wants out of jail

12 Aug

Dear Sirs,

Fred C Gossett and his son entered a home and killed a 6 month old puppy over less than a $15 debt presumably owed to these men. They were charged with burglary and felony mistreatment of an animal and sent to jail. The decision was correct. Jail is where these 2 men belong.
To now use the fact that the elder Gossett takes hydrocodone for pain is not a concern or reason to release him from jail after being already charged for killing a puppy and illegally enterering a home. Will that be his excuse the next time and next time that he does something like this? Will it bring back the life of the innocent puppy whose value was priceless to the owner? Definitely not. The excuse is lame. To add to this he is already lying that a local woman would allow him to live with her upon release. She immediately denied that but stating “Absolutely not”.

Please reconsider this outrageous and pathetic plea to get an out of jail pass. You can already see that he is lying about where he will reside. Who is to say he might even return to the scene of this horrific crime and abuse the woman who owed him $13.

The courts must take a firm stand. When the decision is jail, there should be no do-over simply because the guilty party is on a pain pill. I am sure the jail can medicate him accordingly.

Protect the innocent, avoid a future incident by these two derelicts, show some compassion over the death of the owners cute little puppy that deserved nothing but love. Do not buy into these pathetic reasons and stay firm on the original decision made by the courts. Retribution must be served by these men. Just possibly sitting in jail will give them time to rethink their actions and actually feel a whisper of remorse.

Thank you for your time. I await your decision to be denied.


Puppy Killer Wants Out of Jail-You Can Help Stop it! Please Send a Polite Email

12 Aug

Fred Gossett is seeking release from jail only a week after he and his son were accused of stomping a beagle puppy to death. He has had $4500 already reduced from his bond. Please send a polite email to requesting that this animal abuser/killer not be released from jail and insist he is sentenced with the maximum sentence along with this son.

Read the story:

Please email She will print and deliver them to Judge Boyle, the prosecutor, and the public defender. Hand4Paws would like to thank everyone for their voice in this matter and hope that each supporter will send an email asking that this puppy killer not be free.

Please take the time to use you power and the social media to help make sure this puppy killer does not got out of jail and that he serve a maximum sentence for his crime. 

Thank you for your support!

Helping the Dogs in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

9 Aug

Hand4Paws loves to hear about the great job rescue groups are doing in their endeavor to save animals.  We know there are many wonderful rescue organizations around the globe, and we like to share their stories.

Playa Animal Rescue (PAR) is one such rescue. PAR is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   They are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abandoned dogs, and to finding permanent, loving homes for each of them.   Although their primary focus is on dogs, they work with other local and international animal rescue organizations to get help for cats and kittens in need.  They are also dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership with community outreach and education, as well as promoting spaying and neutering of pets.

If you would like to see dogs that were saved and need adopted and other rescue stories, please check them out and follow them on Facebook. Here is their link.

The following information was shared with us by Pat Faulstich:

Good morning! My name is Pat Faulstich, and I am on the Board of Directors, with Playa Animal Rescue (PAR), in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We are a fairly new organization (Oct 2011) in an area of the world where animal rescue is very much needed. There are so many sick, starving, abused and homeless animals in this area, and our organization is trying to make a difference.  Anyone that has visited this area can see the need for help.

We currently have 67 dogs in our shelter, along with a few in foster homes. Many have serious medical issue, all of which we are treating. We are a totally No Kill shelter. We receive no funding, and rely totally on the generosity of supporters. We really need to get our word out there, and increase our support.

 Our shelter is newly built, with a full time caretaker, and on August 20, 2012, there will also be a full time/live on site Veterinarian.

 We have formally applied for our 501C tax exempt status, we are awaiting approval.

 Please take a minute to check us out.  Thanks for any help you might offer.
Patricia Faulstich

7 Aug

Please consider following Nina’s Blog and help her and Mika throughout this difficult moment. She is a supporter of Hand4Paws from the start…before we were on Facebook we were only on twitter. Nina has always been there to give a voice to all animals, and at the moment she needs out help. Please consider donating for the medical care of Mika. Remember small donations by all of us can make a huge difference in the life of one animal. The Blog is fairly new…so please expect more postings and consider sharing them:) Thank you very much to all of you that care for animals.

My Mika Cat

This Blog is dedicated to my cat Mika. He’s suffering of inflammatory bowel disease but the vet suspected a polyps or intestinal lymphoma, too. Mika has 7 years 3 months. A beautiful black DSH. Really a lovely cat! I adopted Mika in a Shelter.
On this blog you will find an update on his health and his stories with her new FurFriend my kitty “Little Nanoo”.

Ce blog est dédié à mon chat Mika. Il souffre d’une maladie inflammatoire chronique de l’intestin mais le véto soupçonne aussi des polypes ou même un lymphome de l’intestin. Mika est âgé de 7 ans et 3 mois. C’est un magnifique chat domestique noir à poils courts. Il est vraiment un excellent chat! J’ai adopté Mika dans un refuge.
Sur ce blog vous trouverez une mise à jour de son état de santé mais aussi ses histoires avec sa nouvelle amie ma petite “Little…

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