Dolores speaks: Her letter sent in reference to puppy killer that wants out of jail

12 Aug

Dear Sirs,

Fred C Gossett and his son entered a home and killed a 6 month old puppy over less than a $15 debt presumably owed to these men. They were charged with burglary and felony mistreatment of an animal and sent to jail. The decision was correct. Jail is where these 2 men belong.
To now use the fact that the elder Gossett takes hydrocodone for pain is not a concern or reason to release him from jail after being already charged for killing a puppy and illegally enterering a home. Will that be his excuse the next time and next time that he does something like this? Will it bring back the life of the innocent puppy whose value was priceless to the owner? Definitely not. The excuse is lame. To add to this he is already lying that a local woman would allow him to live with her upon release. She immediately denied that but stating “Absolutely not”.

Please reconsider this outrageous and pathetic plea to get an out of jail pass. You can already see that he is lying about where he will reside. Who is to say he might even return to the scene of this horrific crime and abuse the woman who owed him $13.

The courts must take a firm stand. When the decision is jail, there should be no do-over simply because the guilty party is on a pain pill. I am sure the jail can medicate him accordingly.

Protect the innocent, avoid a future incident by these two derelicts, show some compassion over the death of the owners cute little puppy that deserved nothing but love. Do not buy into these pathetic reasons and stay firm on the original decision made by the courts. Retribution must be served by these men. Just possibly sitting in jail will give them time to rethink their actions and actually feel a whisper of remorse.

Thank you for your time. I await your decision to be denied.



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