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Donate to DFW Rescue Me or to the Dallas Animal Shelter and Hand4Paws will promote your company via online article and social media‏

6 Feb

DFW Rescue Me is a wonderful rescue group located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. DFW has helped save many animals from being euthanized, and has taken on such cases such as Justice, the puppy set on fire and burned over 70% of his little body, who sadly later died from his burns. Here is Justice’s story:

We, Hand4Paws, are not associated with DFW Rescue Me. Hand4Paws is an all-volunteer group of world-wide animal advocates that use social media to promote animal rights and fight for animal welfare. We do, however, appreciate the hard work DFW has done to aid animals in need. Hand4Paws prepared a petition, asking that the man who allegedly set Justice on fire receive the maximum sentence. The petition received 29,000 signatures.

If you would be interested in helping out this great organization, DFW Rescue Me, by making a donation directly to them via their website, here is their link:

We would like to ask for help for the Dallas Animal Services. They receive help from DFW Rescue me and they also do great work promoting animal adoption and doing their best in saving animals and educating the public. According to their site they are dedicated to the humane treatment of animals in Dallas and educating others about responsible pet ownership. They reinforce these ideals every day by providing daily care for hundreds of animals in the shelter, assisting citizens who come to see us as well as out in the community. They respond to calls regarding animal welfare and concerns, conduct free Responsible Pet Ownership classes, hold offsite animal adoption events, and speak at and provide educational information at public safety fairs, environmental festivals, and neighborhood organizations. They are in great need of different things that would make the life of so many dogs more comfortable. They include their wish list:

If you choose to donate, a member of Hand4Paws who writes for the Examiner has offered to include in an article on a visit to DFW a list of the individuals/companies/organizations which have agreed to help by donating to DFW Rescue Me or Dallas Animal Services. One of our members will be visiting the DFW shelter to deliver the petition for Justice and toys and other donated items we can collect.

Hand4Paws will also promote on Facebook and Twitter the companies which donate to DFW Rescue Me or Dallas Animal Services. We will be also be posting on our Facebook wall a list of those who help out rescues when we ask them, along with their Facebook link, which we will ask people to “like.”

If you are able to donate, please let Hand4Paws know after you have donated (DO NOT provide Hand4Paws with monetary or other information, ONLY answer this email to say that you have donated and send us your Facebook link and/or link for your website so we may promote it).

DFW is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. As is mentioned in “Justice’s Story”: “in his honor, DFW Rescue Me has created the Justice fund to ensure all dogs that are the victims of abuse or neglect in the city of Dallas receive necessary medical care and the opportunity to know the kindness of the human hand that they so deserve. Justice will ensure they have a second leash on life.”

If you have any questions, you can contact DFW Rescue Me directly, more information can be found here: or Hand4Paws at the email below.

Thank you,

All Volunteer Animal Action Team

NOTE: Hand4Paws reserves the right to decide only to promote business or companies that promote animal adoption and that do not promote the sale of any companion animal.