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Dolores speaks about animal cruelty in South Africa (Petition link included)

5 Jun

Outrages acts of animal cruelty in South Africa.

It is time that the South African Government stops sticking its head in the sand and stamps out the injustice being done to animals. Stupidity and ignorance on the part of the government is not acceptable.
Yes there is a very large population of under educated South Africans but does that give them the right to torture animals just to do it? The people whether poor or uneducated are just randomly torturing for fun. This is horrendous and they need to be punished. They are taking a life of an animal that has done nothing but try to co-exist in a State that is poverty stricken. Why allow this torture to continue?
If these random acts of abuse and cruelty continue it will manifest to the next generation and so on. These tortures are unnecessary and cruel and without any consequence to the people doing these acts it will never stop. Poverty and lack of a good education is a poor excuse for the South African Government to allow such atrocities to continue.
The South African Government needs to be held accountable for these acts of violence. They need to charge these people, no matter where they live with a fine and possibly incarceration. If this was done maybe after a few fines were levied the abusers would realize that the deed does not justify the added burden and stress on their families.
Being underprivileged or undereducated is not an excuse. Laws need to be put into place now. The longer the South African Government turns its head and looks away from these abusers the more abusers will pop up and continue to torture, maim and kill the animals. Every day that the government does nothing, more animals are horribly tortured; some for pure fun, some because there is nothing else to do, some just because they can. How sad is that?
The United States has many organizations going to Africa to help the people, why can’t the South African justice system step up to the plate and try to implement today a law to help these innocent animals?
It is time to do something. Wake up and do what it right. Stop the animal abuse in South Africa. It starts with your justice system, do the right thing and do something now. Break the cycle.


Animals Petition: Sick Acts of Animal Cruelty in South Africa- Calling on the Government to Stand Up and Implement CHANGE | Change.org http://chn.ge/MB5xsU



Bestiality is legal in Connecticut

13 May

by Dolores P.

If anyone had asked me two years ago what bestiality or zoophilia meant I would have looked at them strangely and told them I had no clue. Bestiality or zoophilia can be defined as a sexual act with an animal. Disgusting isn’t it! Little did I know that upon my journey to help animals I not only would embrace new friendships, rescue a great dog (thanks to my friend Lil), but also learn the ugly and dark side about the human race.
Bestiality is a definite form of animal abuse. Sadly, it is not recognized as a crime in many States and Countries. Why? In some countries it goes back to ancient times and was condoned, but at that time gladiators would fight to their death in public arenas. The gladiator age is long gone, so should the condoning of bestiality. We have evolved, times have changed, bestiality is just wrong. We need to push it as a crime in every State.
Last year in Connecticut. a man brutalized 2 horses in his neighbor’s barn. One died from the infection that the horse acquired from this crude act and the other horse needed treatment. The man was given a misdemeanor and is still living across the street from this neighbor. How can that be possible? Maybe people are not aware of what happens around them? Some people choose to ignore and walk away, some people just don’t care. An article was written in the newspapers when this occurred and minimal outcry or even disgust was generated from the public. This is very sad.
Hand4paws started a petition to make bestiality a crime in CT. and it has received less than 5,000 signatures. It has been posted many times in multiple places on Facebook Twitter and elsewhere. The people in Hand4paws have many petitions going at all times and multiple petitions presently to stop bestiality in two States. We should all take the time to sign the petitions and help to be the voice of the animals.
If more people were aware of animal abuse we could make bestiality a crime and lock up these sick people that do this to animals. Bestiality does not stand alone. Humans starve, torture, abuse, neglect, discard, mistreat, and kill animals on a daily basis. It is rampant; we must open our eyes and report abuse in any form to the proper authorities. It is just wrong to turn your back and walk away.
I ask you please take the time to go www.change.org to find the petitions concerning bestiality and animal abuse and sign them. Be vigilante when you are in the neighborhood and notice cruelty in any form occurring to a animal or “pet”.
Report it, stop it, and please do not be silent.

NY Police Department Officer abuses Roxie the Dog. Please give your voice to Roxie

4 May

UPDATE 5/15/15: Animal rights activists lobby for Roxie the dog at Irondequoit Town Board meeting.  Read more:  http://www.irondequoitpost.com/features/x1986332374/Irondequoit-Town-Board-meets-tonight

UPDATE:  Below is a copy of an email sent by 13 Wham News, one of the targets on the petition:

We have been working on this for 5 days. The video appears to be authentic – but it also appears to be carefully edited to show peak moments in what was a long night of back and forth fighting between this officer and the woman taking the video who is now his ex-girlfriend. She apparently either wants custody of the dog, wants to get back at him with a smear campaign, or both.

Animal welfare investigators from Lollypop farm have looked into it. The investigation was started because of numerous complaints of the video, not because of any perceived abuse. They have interviewed the girlfriend who made the video, the officer, their vet and have taken x-rays of the dog. They have concluded there is no abuse here.

What is shown here is an acceptable way under the law to train a dog. If you’ve ever watched the dog whisperer (Cesear Milan) he uses these same techniques. I personally don’t agree with them and judging by e-mails many others are appalled.

We do not want to legitimize or publicize this video for the reasons set forth above.

Jane Flasch 13 Wham News”

Original post:

Officer Rob Lewis of the Irondequoit, NY Police Department abuses the dog that he adopted and “rescued.” In a youtube video, we see him pinning Roxie in a very violent manner. He tries to “dominate” her and screams at her repeditly. He even threats to “blow her brains out.”  A man that has a gun and has serious anger issues is a ticking bomb that one day he will let all his anger out and “blow the brains out” of poor Roxie or anyone that crosses his path. Please take a look at the youtube video and come to your own conclusion. Anyone that has common sense will see that this is not a healthy environment for Roxie the dog. Roxie needs your voice! No dog deserves to be abused! No policeman should feel above the law of society and think he has the power to abuse the defenseless. His cowardly behavior shows his lack of empathy for sentient beings! Stand up for Roxie and give her your voice! BE LOUD!!

Please take the time to share the following petition : http://www.change.org/petitions/save-roxie-from-any-more-abuse-and-neglect#

Please make a polite call to (585) 336-6000 ext 2306 and ask for the police to take action and enforce the animal cruelty laws. The police is supposed to serve and protect us all.

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