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New update on Barchiel! Formerly known as “dog living on a mattress”

15 Mar


Remember the posting about the pup living on a mattress? It has been a few weeks since I first saw Barchiel on an empty lot in Pharr Texas. My friend Joyce Fields, was there to help me out getting the word out on Barchiel. She had the time and patience for me to explain her all that had happened in one single day and explained to her my intentions to have the dog rescued. If you did not read the first article by Joy you can read it by clicking here: Stray dog living on a mattress needs help.

Since then, many things happened once he was picked up by animal control. My friend Joy Benson has been with me from the start and she did not give up on Barchiel till he was picked up. The Animal Control of the City of Pharr Texas were helpful in telling us that he had been picked up and sent to Palm Valley Animal Center. The bad news that we did not know was that the animal shelter has a policy on not placing any pit mixes available for adoption. Being so close to the border with Mexico there is always the chance of the dogs ending up in dog fighting rings. Joyce Fields wrote another article asking for people to help him out.If you missed it you can read it by clicking here: Update on stray dog living on a mattress

Joy and I called to the animal shelter in order to talk to them. I have to thank to all the kind people that picked up our calls. Thank you for your kindness and listening to us. At the end of the 3 days of hold…we received news that Barchiel would not be put to sleep. He would be placed on hold till he found a rescue to take him in. He got his first vaccines and he got tested for Heartworm…unfortunately he did test positive for heartworm.

The shelter asked that in order for Barchiel to be placed in a rescue it has to be a registered rescue. There is limited transport…He has a ride to San Antonio, Houston or Austin at the moment. The treatment for his heartworm and he still needs to be fixed. Joy Benson, Joyce Fields and I decided to start online fundraising. So far we are close to $500! Thanks to great people that have donated and want to help Barchiel. What he needs now is to find a rescue that will be willing to give him a chance and give him a vacant place in rescue. He is a good boy, very timid, but he does not respond aggressively when people show him affection or touch him while he eats. He is getting socialized at Palm Valley Animal Shelter.

This are some of his details: 

age: two yeas of age
color: tan / white
The following is the description given by the animal shelter:

He is just about 2yrs old, HW+, and weighs 62lbs. He is now tested and vaccinated. He is a little timid but not aggressive.

He takes food just fine in a bowl and shows no food aggression when adding more to his bowl, or taking away. He loves to be loved on.

He likes neck rubs and is staying close on his little rug. If you can help pull him to a rescue organization (501c3) OUTSIDE OF THE RGV

If you can help this sweetheart that has no fault for being abandoned and left to fend for himself, please contact us! We are here to help!

All rescues that send a message will be vetted by us in order to find Barchiel an appropriate home.

email of Joy: jfbenson@sbcglobal.net
email of Nellie:
Nellie Zamora  email at nelliezamora@msn.com. She is rescue program director for the facility.

My email: liliana@montrealdogblog

Please if you would like to do a kind donation to help out Barchiel please click here


We would also like to ask for you to like the FB page of Palm Valley Animal Shelter they are a group of kind people that want to change things

in the RGV Click here 

We have named him Barchiel…it means angel of compassion. We have all being guided by compassion to help out this little guy

If you read this posting…I pray you can help him out. Please share his story.

There is always room for one..I see by his coat he must be a stray,
The untidy look gives him away.
He’s lost his will and is so thin,
Hasn’t eaten since God knows when.
I know as I coax him through the door,
There’s always room for one more.
The other night in the freezing rain,
That little female came again.
Matted and soaked, crying in need,
Lost and alone with babies to feed.
Her pleading eyes I couldn’t ignore,
There’s always room for one more.

There’s a new face on the docks today,
Hungry but clean, to our dismay,
I stroked her head, her body rippled,
When she got up I saw she was crippled.
She started to go, but fell on the floor.
There’s always room for one more.

There’s the poor doggy standing in the rain,
I’ve tried to entice him time and again.
One ear is lopsided, the other’s been torn,
Blind in one eye, lost and forlorn.
He’s coming now, so I’ll open the door.
There’s always room for one more.
– Unknown



Do it for Justice! Do the right thing & inform the Dallas police if you know something!

14 Apr

Ever Mind The Rule Of Three

Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee

This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn

Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn.

It is so sad and sickening what I read on the news page of NBC. What kind of society do we live in? Dallas Texas…where is the empathy? How can people laugh while a puppy is being burned? Lack of education…lack of empathy…lack of a heart. The people that were witness to this and laughed have no soul. If they do have a soul, then it is a very evil soul. Those people that laughed while a Justice was in flames are just as guilty of the cruelty that Justice had to endure. To all of you that laughed instead of acting to stop the cruelty…SHAME ON YOU! You are all monsters and people that do not deserve to be part of a civilized society! Do not be cowards and come clean to the authorities and give the name of those that hurt Justice. According to the article if the police are able to find out who lit Justice on fire, that person could face charges of felony animal cruelty and torture which carries a penalty of 2 to 10 years behind bars.  $5,000 reward is being offered in the case. A reward should not be a way of persuasion for people to speak, people should have the will to do the right thing without a reward. But if it takes $5,000 for a person to come clean…then I hope the money does make the witness speak. So sad to think that we live in a society of mercenaries: A person primarily concerned with material reward at the expense of ethics. Rest In Peace sweet Justice. You did not know us…but we always loved you. Run free and with no pain over the rainbow bridge. We love you.

I want to apologize to the readers if my words right now do not make any sense and if there are grammar errors on this posting. I have no brain to think in a rational manner at this time.

Here is the information for the Dallas Police Department offices. Please do the right thing and call.

Jack Evans Police Headquarters
1400 S. Lamar St.
Dallas, Texas 75215


North Central Division
6969 McCallum Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75252

Northeast Operations Division
9915 East Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75238

Northwest Operations Divison
9801 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75220
Southwest Patrol Division
4230 West Illinois Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75211

Southeast Operations Division
725 North Jim Miller Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75217

Central Operations Division
334 S. Hall St.
Dallas, Texas 75226

South Central Division
1999 East Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, Texas 75241


 To watch the NBC Dallas news video click on this link: http://media.nbcdfw.com/assets/pdk449/pdk/swf/flvPlayer.swf?pid=tMSbIU_groBeG4gPbZwvIgIl9SFn4_vg