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Dolores speaks: Remembering pets during the holidays

4 Sep

The holidays are slowly creeping up upon us all.  It does not matter what faith you are the last few months of the year and the first month of 2013 holds a special holiday for each of us.  Do you remember your pets? We do at our home, Maurice and Cassandra get an extra packet of catnip with their toys and Beau has his usual toys waiting for him under the tree.  Do you think about the thousands of sheltered animals during the year or maybe during the holiday months?

Taken from the online dictionary the definition of an animal shelter is

“An establishment, especially one supported by charitable contributions, that provides a temporary home for dogs, cats, and other animals that are offered for adoption.”

The cats and dogs in these shelters do not have gifts given to them during any time of the year unless we care enough to donate. At our home we donate regularly and during the holiday months I make sure some special treats go to a specific shelter. The animals in these shelters have no one, it is very sad especially when the reason they arrive to the shelter varies greatly.  Some “pets” are dropped off because the “owners” get tired of them, are having a baby or just do not want them anymore. Sad isn’t it? Some dogs and cats arrive as strays, injured and picked up off the streets by an angel that did not want to see them die alone. There are so many animals that arrive at the shelters due to neglect, abuse or both. They are reported to authorities who then bring them to the shelter to keep them safe and treat them at a clinic for their injuries.

See the pattern? I would guess that 50% of the dogs and cats at the shelters have no idea why they are there and miss the human affection they once received. The other 50% are there due to abuse, safe now but for how long?

If these cats and dogs are in a no kill shelter they are lucky compared to the ones that end up in a high kill shelter and if not adopted out will be euthanized. Are you now getting a visual of what is happening to so many dogs and cats? It is sad.  That is why if not during the year, please during shelter week or the holidays please go to a shelter and leave a gift.  Gifts can be toys, a bed to sleep on, healthy treats and/or food. You might not get a verbal thank you but the wag of the tail or the purring of their motors will be enough to know that you have made a previous pet happy just for a little while.

Hopefully the shelter will be placing the animals; hopefully they will find their way into a loving home. Hopefully they will not be euthanized as so many are each yr. Until they do help them out, donate something to a shelter and help to find a friend or neighbor adopt a pet instead of shopping for one.  The shelters are full; the volunteers in these shelters could also use your time to help with the animals. This is another good way to show you care and to wish good cheer and give love to a lonely dog or cat sleeping in a small cage on a cement floor.

Maurice, Cassandra and Beauregard are all rescues and they have all rescued us and claim part of our hearts for life as did our previous pets that crossed over the bridge. Please remember the animals during the holidays and hopefully through the yr. You can even donate used pet beds and toys that are in good condition, shelters are not picky and neither are these lonely animals.

If you are considering adopting a pet for a relative or friend please do not do this UNLESS you ask this person. The thought of bringing an animal into a new home has to be a mutual agreement between the people receiving the pet and the giver of the gift. You might think someone wants a puppy, think again will they want a dog when the puppy is full grown? Animals are forever not throw away holiday gifts.

Have a happy holiday, stay safe and please remember the animals less fortunate than the ones you cherish in your home. Please adopt don’t shop. Also always remember to be the voice of the voiceless.  If you see abuse, stop abuse and report abuse.