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Helping the Dogs in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

9 Aug

Hand4Paws loves to hear about the great job rescue groups are doing in their endeavor to save animals.  We know there are many wonderful rescue organizations around the globe, and we like to share their stories.

Playa Animal Rescue (PAR) is one such rescue. PAR is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   They are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abandoned dogs, and to finding permanent, loving homes for each of them.   Although their primary focus is on dogs, they work with other local and international animal rescue organizations to get help for cats and kittens in need.  They are also dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership with community outreach and education, as well as promoting spaying and neutering of pets.

If you would like to see dogs that were saved and need adopted and other rescue stories, please check them out and follow them on Facebook. Here is their link.

The following information was shared with us by Pat Faulstich:

Good morning! My name is Pat Faulstich, and I am on the Board of Directors, with Playa Animal Rescue (PAR), in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We are a fairly new organization (Oct 2011) in an area of the world where animal rescue is very much needed. There are so many sick, starving, abused and homeless animals in this area, and our organization is trying to make a difference.  Anyone that has visited this area can see the need for help.

We currently have 67 dogs in our shelter, along with a few in foster homes. Many have serious medical issue, all of which we are treating. We are a totally No Kill shelter. We receive no funding, and rely totally on the generosity of supporters. We really need to get our word out there, and increase our support.

 Our shelter is newly built, with a full time caretaker, and on August 20, 2012, there will also be a full time/live on site Veterinarian.

 We have formally applied for our 501C tax exempt status, we are awaiting approval.

 Please take a minute to check us out.  Thanks for any help you might offer.
Patricia Faulstich



Petitions Working for Animals Sponsored by Independent Groups wk 04-01-2012

1 Apr

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin supports “Quick Kill Bill” TAKE ACTION

2 Mar


All animals are at risk with the Quick Kill Bill that Amy Paulin supports. This Bill would terminate any hold period at the animal pounds. If a pet by any chance escapes your house, if any stray is picked up by the city…they will be killed upon the criteria of the staff. Most of the animals that end up at the pound are scared and their behavior could be shy or even maybe aggressive due to the stress. This could seal their fate and have them killed.

Please consider sending Assemblywoman Paulin a respectful message stating that the animals deserve a holding period and the city should reach out to no kill rescues to try to have animals placed in permanent homes or foster homes.Although we know that the ASPCA supports the bill, we ask for her common sense and her compassion to take a look at the reality of this Bill and instead of promoting death she does the rational thing to promote education of pet overpopulation and adoption.

You can write to Paulin to her email Paulin@assembly.state.ny.us

Contact her through FB https://www.facebook.com/assemblywomanpaulin

Her offices

District Office     
700 White Plains Road
Suite 252
Scarsdale, New York 10583
Tel: (914) 723-1115
Fax: (914) 723-2665

Albany Office
LOB 626
Albany, New York 12248
Tel: (518) 455-5585
Fax: (518) 455-5409

Campaign Office
700 White Plains Road
Suite 234
Scarsdale, New York 10583
Tel: (914) 722-9370
Fax: (914) 722-9375

Contribute & Help Launch Albuquerque Pets Alive!/The LifeRaft Lodge/Santa Fe Pets Alive!

2 Mar

Please consider making a contribution to help out the efforts to save New Mexico’s at risk shelter pets!

Pets Alive,The LifeRaft Lodge and Santa Fe Pets Alive have joined forces to create the life raft lodge. It is a new idea that will help more than 100,000 animals that do not get a chance to survive at the animal control pounds. Please visit this site in order to pledge your help and join the army to rescue innocent animals! TO MAKE A DONATION CLICK HERE!

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6 Feb


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22 Jan

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9 Jan