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#Justice4Max Sign the petition and read our stand

6 Jul




Please make sure to sign the petition started by Scotty Reid:
Click Here: Petition | Hawthorne Chief of Police Robert Fager: Terminate officers for violating oath and endangering the public | Change.org

Watch the Recorded Live Feed of the Justice for Max peace rally : Click Here

Today, a fellow friend of animals sent the following article written for The Huntington Post :

Three Hawthorne Police Officers Go Off Street Duty After Shooting Dog

It explains: Three police officers have been pulled from street duty for their safety in Southern California after a widely circulated video showed an officer fatally shooting a Rottweiler and drew numerous death threats. Hawthorne police spokesman Lt. Scott Swain told the Daily Breeze, the decision is for the officers’ safety after the uniformed officer shot the dog four times on Sunday. http://bit.ly/14OwxK8

Our Thoughts:

Seriously? The police are afraid of Animal Advocates? Animal advocates care saving lives not killing! They have to end this stupid comments that Animal Advocates are dangerous! Not even in situations of the Animal Liberation Front has a human ever died! They liberate animals and destroy property but never taken a single human life! Why send out a press release in which lies are being told? 

Karma will take care of those that are unfair! And I know these 3 will get back everything that they did…and it will make them feel the pain that Max and his human companion felt. Does the police really think that they will change the focus of the story? The safety of the police? I would say that the citizens are now safe that those three cops are off the streets? Who are they kidding?

The video shows the truth from any angle. Abuse of power and lack of common sense! The man that shot the dog lacks common sense. They should know that when a dog is going to attack the dog will not approach and look and wait for an answer from his human guardian like Max did. No matter from what angle the video is seen, the dog approaches and looks back and forth to the people attacking his friend. He knows nothing about uniforms…he just knows people attacking his friend. There was no need to draw the gun, the dog did not reach to attack anyone. His owner begged, the dog was looking for comfort. The man was not going to run…cause he had nothing to hide. If he would have wanted to escape he would have from the start. He surrender and offer no resistance to arrest, he just asked…”why.”

If police would have been smart…they would have allowed the man take the dog back to the car and calm him down. This could have been done without taking off the cuffs. Then police calls for a family member to take the dog or they call animal services to pick him up until the man arrested can pick the pup up. Unfortunately, dogs are seen as property in certain states…but if the dog lived in the house being investigated…then he was part of the evidence and he had no right to temper the “evidence.” Why didn’t any if the cops there think of anything of anything?! Why…because they have no training and they don’t respect sentient beings! If the cops action is said to be the right action at that moment…then how come other officers did not draw their guns? Why…because they knew there was no need to shoot the pup. Only one coward…one coward…thought it was the right thing to shoot an animal. BAD DECISION MAKING AND JUST A PREPOTENT RESPONSE ! #Justice4Max



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11 Mar

Picture taken by MariLu of the Dogs in Everett PA

3/17/12 UPDATE:  There is now a petition asking the Humane Society PA state director and the Federated Humane Societies of Pennsylvania to step in.  Both the owners and the Bedford County Humane Society need to be investigated – the owners for abuse and the Bedford Cty Humane Society for why they are ignoring the abuse.  Please sign and share:


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Hand4Paws received an email from a wonderful woman who drove out to check on the dogs.  Here is what she found:

“When I got there – I managed to take a pic of the only dog I saw… He was in a pen no longer than me & there is so much trash around !!  OMG… anyway when I spoke to the lady she was willing to show me the dogs, but had to get dressed – the grandmother then appeared in the doorway & started screaming saying & I quote “she feeds them 3 times a day & were tired of getting harrassed by these neighbors”!!!

After grandmother when into the house – the idiot came outside & started screaming “who is here & what do they want “!!  I proceeded to tell him who I was & what I wanted – he told me that he was gonna call the state troopers !! I being from Philly told the idiot to call them & if he wanted I had them on speed dial !!  After I called the state troopers – no trooper was in the area… I hung up with them & called the Humaine Society & got a recorded message stating they were closed.

The idiot started demanding that I leave cuz I was trespassing on private property ….There was no posted signs anywhere – guy is full of crap… The woman peered out of the house to show me the dogs & we started walking towards the woods !!!  I’m thinking – Great, I’m gonna see them !!   WRONG !!!   The idiot told me that if I dont leave his property – I was gonna be shot… He demanded that the woman get back into the house.  I said ok…I will be back !!  After that I was on my way home & ran into a state trooper – I flagged him down & proceeded to advise him of everything that transpired that morning…The officer told me to not give up – & to get the “multiple” dogs & kitties outta there !!  (exact words)

The officer also told me to flood the Humane Society by email & phone calls until they act !!”

This caring woman went out of her way to go check on the dogs.  The least we can do is call the Humane Society of Bedford County, asking that they check on – and help – these abused dogs.

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Here is the original post, including the phone number for the Humane Society:

Authorities refuse to do anything…..no help at all! Unknown rescuer got 1 of the 3 dogs. 
Address: 2187 Menchtown Road Everett, Pennsylvania
If you are from this area and know of a no kill rescue that could help these pups please contact them and let us know! hand4paws@mail.com

Everett Police Department
100 Mechanic Street, Everett, PA 15537, United States
+1 814-652-2312

Humane Society of Bedford County
1108 Lutzville Rd, Everett, PA 15537-6801
+1 814.623.8968

The picture was posted on this page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-the-Everett-Dogs/212877685442976

Jury Trial Scheduled for ABQ NM Puppy Cruelty Case

23 Feb

Update: February 22, 2012

Thank you so very much for your support of Bongo and this petition. Based on the assessment of this case, the support of the two Albuquerque police officers that witnessed the cruelty and that have agreed to testify and this petition that was delivered  by the DA Mr. Daniel Rislove, a jury trial has been scheduled on April 24, 2012.  Mr. Rislove stated that receiving this petition brought more awareness to this case. We are reopening this petition to collect more signatures for the scheduled jury trial.

Petition:    Please sign and share this petition.


Albuquerque, New Mexico:  Albuquerque police were called to a motel on Monday January 16 to investigate a report of a disturbance. Upon arriving at the motel, officers found Baslio Gavilan disorderly and violating the motels no alcohol policy. Police informed Mr. Gavilan that he would need to leave the premises. Mr. Gavilan became angered and proceeded to pick up “Bongo” the puppy and throw the puppy in the air. Bongo landed on his head.

Gavilan’s girlfriend claims to be the owner of the puppy Bongo. Bongo is at the Albuquerque animal shelter and has been under observation. Thankfully, he does not appear to have any permanent damage. He is being held as evidence in this case.

We respectfully request that if found guilty, Baslio Gavilan be charged with the maximum penalty for animal abuse and that Mr. Gavlian be banned from owning animals. We further request that Bongo not be returned to Mr. Gavlian.

Video courtesy of KOAT TV News:



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