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25 Apr




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Update about Barchiel! Thanks to you all we were able to get to his rescue  $720 to help with his treatment. The other part of the money went to compensate a part of his transport. The rescuers and the those that did transports will always be in my prayers. Click here to read the article that Joyce Fields wrote about his transport.

There are some beautiful pictures of Barchiel on the rescue’s Facebook Page. He is such a professional model already! Click here to look at all of his pictures!

This is the letter that we received from Rachael from Sioux Empire Pit Rescue last Friday:

Hey Liliana, Barchiel is doing well. Heartworm injections are completed and now it’s just keeping him quiet for the next 60 days until the retest.He does have a cyst on his right foot in between his pads. He has started limping,  which as big as the cyst is,  does not surprise me. Barchiel is on remedyl for now to help with the pain. Our vet doesn’t want to remove it for at least 30 days after his heartworm injections,  so we will try to make him as comfortable as possible until then.His hip will be what it is – dislocated.. there is no way to set this once they are out. Since the injury has already started to heal we will just let the scar and muscle tissue continue to heal and keep him at a nice weight. The key to that is exercise to build muscle and strength and good weight management. We are still waiting for his babesia test results to come back from North Carolina – hoping to get those next week. Crossing my fingers he doesn’t have babesia. He did visit the vet again this Monday and the vet couldn’t believe how much better he looked in just one week! We both think it’s like a whole new dog!! He has been introduced to my household pets (cats and dogs) and is doing well – of course with close supervision and leadership. He is learning where he fits in with the pack. I have a household of senior citizens so his laid back demeanor fits right in. We are remodeling our bathroom and were painting last night. Needless to say,  he was on the sectional crashed out with the pack,  sleeping away. He is a goof ball too! When you let him out of his crate he will “high step” or prance around the room like he is the happiest boy in the world. He will also do that after he comes in from outside. We had another 8 inches of snow last night,  so he is getting a crash course in winter weather but seems to be enjoying it. We are letting him sleep with us at night for the time being,  until he can fully be trusted with the other animals. He loves his toy playtime – he’s one of the few fosters that I have had in my house that doesn’t rip them to shreds immediately. In the mornings I have to drag him out of bed to go outside. He would rather sleep – my kind of dog! That’s the first week and a half update! Hope all is well with you. Rachael


This is the new update today posted on the rescue’s Facebook Page:

Barchiel is having a wonderful time settling into his foster home. He isn’t sure about the last minute snow that has taken over April but he takes it all in good spirits! What a clown this boy is – a hoot and is recovering well from his heart worm treatment. http://pitrescue.weebly.com/barchiel.html


Please continue sharing Barchiel’s Story and Please give kindly to help this wonderful organization that responded within minutes of us asking for help for Barchiel. God Bless those that help Stray animals.

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Helping the Dogs in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

9 Aug

Hand4Paws loves to hear about the great job rescue groups are doing in their endeavor to save animals.  We know there are many wonderful rescue organizations around the globe, and we like to share their stories.

Playa Animal Rescue (PAR) is one such rescue. PAR is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.   They are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abandoned dogs, and to finding permanent, loving homes for each of them.   Although their primary focus is on dogs, they work with other local and international animal rescue organizations to get help for cats and kittens in need.  They are also dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership with community outreach and education, as well as promoting spaying and neutering of pets.

If you would like to see dogs that were saved and need adopted and other rescue stories, please check them out and follow them on Facebook. Here is their link.

The following information was shared with us by Pat Faulstich:

Good morning! My name is Pat Faulstich, and I am on the Board of Directors, with Playa Animal Rescue (PAR), in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We are a fairly new organization (Oct 2011) in an area of the world where animal rescue is very much needed. There are so many sick, starving, abused and homeless animals in this area, and our organization is trying to make a difference.  Anyone that has visited this area can see the need for help.

We currently have 67 dogs in our shelter, along with a few in foster homes. Many have serious medical issue, all of which we are treating. We are a totally No Kill shelter. We receive no funding, and rely totally on the generosity of supporters. We really need to get our word out there, and increase our support.

 Our shelter is newly built, with a full time caretaker, and on August 20, 2012, there will also be a full time/live on site Veterinarian.

 We have formally applied for our 501C tax exempt status, we are awaiting approval.

 Please take a minute to check us out.  Thanks for any help you might offer.
Patricia Faulstich


13 Jun

What makes an animal rescue volunteer? Shelly from Chico Cat Coalition shares her thoughts!

Black Cat Rescue

What makes an animal rescue volunteer? Shelly from Chico Cat Coalition shares her thoughts!

As one of our most dedicated volunteers said, “Volunteering at an animal shelter isn’t like picking up litter, or participating in a bike ride. Those are very worthwhile events, and we are lucky that people are there to do those things…but with animals, once you look into their eyes, you’re done. You’re hooked. There’s no going back.”

Anyone who has spent any time at an animal shelter knows what she means. Animal shelter volunteers are an amazing group of people. Talk about being invested in your volunteer work – once you look into the eyes of a cat who is stray, feral, ill, injured, needs a home, needs YOUR HELP, you’re all in. Black cats are no exception,

I volunteer at the Chico Cat Coalition, a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter in the northern California town of…

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Open Petitions Sponsored by @Hand4paws wk 05-06-12

6 May

Cats and Dogs in McDonough County IL Need Urgent Rescue

28 Apr

Hand4Paws received an urgent plea from an individual who said the cats at the McDonough County Animal Shelter in Macomb, Illinois needed rescued asap. The message read:

“An animal shelter in Illinois has been “closed” to the public due to a death in the animal control officer’s family. For nearly a week, the shelter has been accepting animals into the facility but has not been adopting them out.  The shelter is now nearly filled to capacity. We are concerned that some of the animals will be euthanized next week when the animal control officer returns to work on Monday.  Several of the cats at the shelter are pregnant.

 We are asking for your help to find foster and/or forever homes for the cats and dogs at this facility. Time is of the essence for these amazing animals.  Please help – before it is too late.”

PLEASE if anyone can rescue or adopt any of the cats, the shelter is located at Highway 67 & Tower Rd, just north of the Rodeway Inn, Macomb, IL. They can be reached at 309-837-2989 or emailed: mcas@macomb.com Hours are Mon-Fri: 11-5pm, Sat: 10-Noon

See more of the nice cats at the McDonough County Animal Shelter website: http://www.hsmcil.org/shelterfelines.html

There are also great dogs on their website which need rescued or adopted, some are also urgent: http://www.hsmcil.org/sheltercanines.html

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26 Apr

UPDATE ON MAY 1st BOARD MEETING:  Nothing was decided; another meeting has been set up for June 5th.

APRIL 26th UPDATE:  The responses sent to the chief of police were SO OVERWHELMING that right now he is very upset because of the emails.  We are trying to HELP Pat, not hurt her case or make him backlash against her!  So we are removing the information from the original post to contact the chief of police. INSTEAD, we are asking for people to please send your emails to Pat’s friend at Fourleggourmet@aol.com.  She will collect the emails and present them to the Board on Tuesday!!!

Original post:

I had the fortunate opportunity to learn about a wonderful woman and fellow animal lover, Pat Colsher.  What she has done for animals is amazing. Her friends have pointed out that in addition to the dogs Pat currently owns that she’s saved, she’s also assisted dog owners with many issues.  This sweet lady offers her services at no charge, including minor grooming tasks and behavior advice and all around wonderful support and encouragement. Pat has saved at least 47 dogs.  She owns five.

But now, due to neighbors who complain that the dogs bark, and the City of South Charleston, West Virginia’s “two dog limit”, the City is trying to take her dogs away from her. Yet two of her dogs are service dogs!

Pat has had serious medical issues for as long as she can remember.  Due to a traumatic childhood, she has been disgnosed with severe PTSD, recurrent major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. She has been treated since childhood with varying degrees of success. When Pat is functioning, she supports herself as a freelance writer.  She has not been able to work since the trauma of losing her beloved dogs – her babies.

Pat’s dog Tavi helps her with balance.  She had a torn meniscus from a fall in February, so her knee goes out suddenly. That is just one of the reasons she needs her dogs, to keep her from falling.  Her service dogs are also trained to help with her night terrors, flashbacks, and fear of leaving her home.  They distract her from self-injurious behaviour.

Regarding the neighbors complaining about her dogs barking, Pat admits yes, they bark, when a neighbor walks past her window or when someone knocks on her door. Isn’t that what dogs typically do?  And isn’t the warning bark of a dog a good thing for a woman who lives alone and becomes frightened when people come to her door?

All Pat asks is to be able to keep her two service dogs and three dogs that are elderly and/or have health and behavioral problems.  One is a beagle boy who was horribly abused after someone shoved a pipe down his throat to “debark” him.  Gracie is a boxer mix who came from a domestic violence situation and was skin and bones when Pat saved her.  And Mike, a puppy mill beagle who was bred almost to death.  Mike is now elderly as is her service dog, Regis, who was on the short list to be killed.  When she got him he had so many parasites that his red cell morphology was completely screwed up.  He had been hit by a car, shot and had infected ears.  Tavi, her other service dog, also came from a high kill facility.  He had been kicked in the head and had broken and infected teeth, had massive ear infections, a urinary infection and had such bad skin infections on his face that the fur will never grow back – it is all scar tissue. The photo above is of Scooby, one of the dogs Pat loved and cared for until he passed away.

These are the dogs that South Charleston wants to take from Pat.  How cruel is this city?

PLEASE EVERYONE.  We are asking for your help in letting Pat keep her dogs, her “babies”.

Please send an email directed to the chief of police/animal control officer by emailing Pat’s friend at Fourleggourmet@aol.com.  She will collect the emails and present them to the Board on Tuesday!!!  Ask the chief of police to let Pat Colsher her keep one dog over the city limit, the other two are service dogs! Time is of the essence!! A board meeting will be held on Tuesday morning.

Pat is a responsible pet owner. She loves her dogs.  And more importantly, she needs her dogs to be able to cope with her everyday life!

Please share Pat’s story. In a world where so many people throw away their pets so callously, abandoning them in kill shelters or on deserted roads, here is one woman who is doing the right thing, by loving and trying so desperately to keep the dogs she’s saved, and who in turn have saved her!

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Do it for Justice! Do the right thing & inform the Dallas police if you know something!

14 Apr

Ever Mind The Rule Of Three

Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee

This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn

Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn.

It is so sad and sickening what I read on the news page of NBC. What kind of society do we live in? Dallas Texas…where is the empathy? How can people laugh while a puppy is being burned? Lack of education…lack of empathy…lack of a heart. The people that were witness to this and laughed have no soul. If they do have a soul, then it is a very evil soul. Those people that laughed while a Justice was in flames are just as guilty of the cruelty that Justice had to endure. To all of you that laughed instead of acting to stop the cruelty…SHAME ON YOU! You are all monsters and people that do not deserve to be part of a civilized society! Do not be cowards and come clean to the authorities and give the name of those that hurt Justice. According to the article if the police are able to find out who lit Justice on fire, that person could face charges of felony animal cruelty and torture which carries a penalty of 2 to 10 years behind bars.  $5,000 reward is being offered in the case. A reward should not be a way of persuasion for people to speak, people should have the will to do the right thing without a reward. But if it takes $5,000 for a person to come clean…then I hope the money does make the witness speak. So sad to think that we live in a society of mercenaries: A person primarily concerned with material reward at the expense of ethics. Rest In Peace sweet Justice. You did not know us…but we always loved you. Run free and with no pain over the rainbow bridge. We love you.

I want to apologize to the readers if my words right now do not make any sense and if there are grammar errors on this posting. I have no brain to think in a rational manner at this time.

Here is the information for the Dallas Police Department offices. Please do the right thing and call.

Jack Evans Police Headquarters
1400 S. Lamar St.
Dallas, Texas 75215


North Central Division
6969 McCallum Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75252

Northeast Operations Division
9915 East Northwest Highway
Dallas, Texas 75238

Northwest Operations Divison
9801 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75220
Southwest Patrol Division
4230 West Illinois Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75211

Southeast Operations Division
725 North Jim Miller Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75217

Central Operations Division
334 S. Hall St.
Dallas, Texas 75226

South Central Division
1999 East Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, Texas 75241


 To watch the NBC Dallas news video click on this link: http://media.nbcdfw.com/assets/pdk449/pdk/swf/flvPlayer.swf?pid=tMSbIU_groBeG4gPbZwvIgIl9SFn4_vg