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Justice and Honor for the dog named Bridges.

5 Dec


The following is a letter by one of our Facebook Friends; Christine Martin. She is being a voice for Bridges. Bridges is no longer with us and has crossed over the rainbow bridge. She sent us this letter in order to gain support and for people to know Bridges’ story. Please take the time to read and take action in order for the terrible thing that happen to Bridges not to happen again to another animal. We are all a voice to animals. They need our support and signature. Please, Read, Sign, Join and Share!
Dear Hand4Paws,

I’m writing to you in regards to a sad case involving a young German Shepherd (named Bridges) who’d been rescued from a High Kill shelter in Georgia after he’d been dumped there when the young man that owned him died of cancer. After surviving at this shelter for some time, Bridges was finally rescued and was sent to a boarding facility in Butts County before being transported to his new home. During his stay at this boarding facility, Bridges was shot and killed by the owner Jose Ortiz (who was later found to be operating this boarding facility illegally). Bridges survived a high kill shelter but didn’t survive this boarding facility and Bridges never made it to his new home.

Even though no charges have yet been brought against Jose Ortiz, the Georgia Humane Society is now involved and are pursuing criminal charges of animal cruelty against Mr. Ortiz.I’m writing to your organization to ask whether you and your members would like to sign a Petition at the Care2 Petition Site (sponsored by Lauren Bjorklund) which is seeking Justice for Bridges:
We’d also really appreciate it if you would check out the “Honor for Bridges” Facebook page and share it with friends since the more people that know about this case, the less likely that other animals will share the same fate as Bridges:
This is the new poster by the Georgia Humane Society on Bridge’s story (which shows a photo of Jose Ortiz one day after he shot and killed Bridges):
Georgia Humane Society website: and their email:
Georgia Humane Society Facebook Page:
Thanks for your time and for everything that you do to help animals in need,
Christine Martin
Denver, CO
4 Dec

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O.K.  We will not elaborate here.   Takes too much time.  You all know the drill – Cowboy Kenny is Leaving, and Obama’s First Choice for his replacement is a Wild Horse Hating/Wolf Murdering Bitch.

Washington State’s Governor, Chris Gregoire, allowed ranchers to graze cattle for free in Washington state public forests. She the massacred the Wedge Wolf Pack with their puppies.  The FUCKING rancher refused to even try non lethal deterrants on the Wolves.

CLICK [HERE] for GRAPHIC VIDEO to COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND Wolf Hunting and Trapping.  Nobody in their RIGHT MIND would want someone who approves of this to be the Secretary of the Interior of the United States.

If the video upsets you, if it bothers you to see an animal imprisoned in a leg hold trap, pacing in fear, unable to defend itself, then shot while laughter rings out as the wolf is dying, don’t waste time saying…

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