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24 Jul

Originally posted on Metro News:

Call it a battle for the beavers.

Animal activists, including those on the city’s Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, want to see councillors pass new rules for how the woodland creatures — and their dams — are handled in the city.

“Typically in London, trapping is used. That’s the archaic method,” said Deb Harris, who until last month sat on the committee and is continuing to work on the issue. “Other municipalities have employed non-lethal alternatives successfully.”

Tempers flared in the beaver debate Monday when city staff asked council’s planning and environment committee asking for permission to continue trapping the animals if they pose harm to infrastructure, like drains.

That, members of the animal welfare committee, flies in the face of a June council decision requiring that administrators trap no more beavers until a report on other means of warding off the creatures is heard.

Coun. Bud Polhill, chair of the…

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21 Jul



21 Jul


Gorillas defend themselves from poachers.

Originally posted on Dr. Steve Best:

Amazing story! This speaks on so many levels: tool use and ingenuity, technological knowledge, foresight and anticipation of a future (of pain if they do not smash the traps), the recognition of humans as predators and enemies, and — haha! — destruction of property; they are their own ALF.
So what say you anti-ALF pacifists and cultist vegan abolitionists? Is this self-defense (or extensional self-defense… if human liberators were to do it)? Or is it eco-terrorism? Huh? Get the problem with your collaborationist pacifist arguments? Eh?! Any of you care to step forward and CONDEMN this action — in your usual bullshit terms of course — as “violent” and “counterproductive”?  Eh?
Oh yeah, but you’re right: what would public opinion say? They would surely condemn those criminal gorillas as the violent, terrorist thugs you say the ALF is. And the fucking  difference between what this action and what the ALF do for animals who cannot…

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19 Jul


Congratulations to all fearless activists!

Originally posted on Dr. Steve Best:

“The Public Prosecutor of Brescia has ordered the seizure of Green Hill, the company Montichiari (Brescia) beagle breeding dogs for vivisection laboratories, long under fire from animal rights organizations. The operation, conducted by the Forest Service, is leading to the seizure of beagle dogs, both puppies and adults, and the entire structure for a total of about 5 hectares. Among the offenses alleged mistreatment of the animals. Green Hill is at the moment under a massive police raid with dozens of  policemen, carabinieri, forest services guards and political policemen  inside the place. They are identifying and numbering all dogs, while the  structure and all the animals will be “confiscated” for “animal cruelty” charges!  This does not mean they will be directly taken out of the structure, but  they will be definitely under legal control and will not be sold until new events.  This police action will take a long time and…

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18 Jul


Please take the time to read and send a polite letter to the given targets in order to stop this.

Originally posted on Bless the Bullys:

District of Maple Ridge staff are recommending a new bylaw that singles out pit bulls as “aggressive” and would charge their owners a licensing fee four times that of other breeds. The fee would apply to pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, American pit bull terriers, or a cross of any of the breeds. According to Bylaws Director Liz Holitzki, pit bulls are being singled out to encourage responsible pet ownership.

While the Bylaws director is pushing for the change, the mayor and some council members have expressed concerns with implementing a breed specific ordinance.

Please send your polite, respectful and informative opposition to BSL to the Maple Ridge city officials listed below. Please include suggestions and viable alternatives, and urge officials to encourage responsible pet ownership through education and by enforcing the laws already in place.

District of Maple Ridge
11995 Haney Place
Maple Ridge, BC…

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5 Jul


1 Jul

Originally posted on Loki's Gift:

Unfortunately those who dedicate their lives to animal advocacy  far too often come across individuals, who by way of their own choices refuse to acknowledge the terrible truth about the continued brutality waged against animals with whom we share this planet.

In some cases, it is a lack of awareness, failing to do their own required research before they make ridiculous and uneducated comments.  They, by their very own omissions of action, remain blissfully ignorant of the facts, statistics, undercover videos, documented cases and published testimonies and accounts that are witnessed by those dedicated to saving animals.

There are those too, who, because they state it is too difficult for them to view pictorial and or video evidence fail to appreciate the horrific suffering of animals around the word.

Just the other day, I commented on  a Blog Post: “Horses need a Humane society” to which one response rather blew…

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