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Romance Novel About Dog Fighting Rings Will Benefit Animal Rescue Group

25 Feb

Author weaves a tale about the world of dog fighting and its tragic aftermath. 40% of the proceeds from Falling In Danger will go to The Pixie Project, an animal rescue organization committed to finding shelter animals forever homes.

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

A large portion of the proceeds from Falling In Danger, a newly released contemporary romantic suspense, will go to The Pixie Project animal rescue. Pixie’s motto is “Nothing is impossible”. With over 1000 successful adoptions and counting, they are committed to changing the lives of shelter animals with their unique approach of matching the right pets to prospective new families.

“I got the idea for this book after seeing a piece on the news about the adoptability of ex-fighting dogs,” says author, Kaylie Newell. “Something about the dogs touched me deeply. How, even after all they’d been through, they were able to forgive and love us anyway. I think that’s something we can all learn from.”

After submitting the book, Newell contacted her publisher, Beachwalk Press, who enthusiastically agreed to the donation. “What better way to celebrate a story about second chances,” says Newell, “than to give to such a wonderful cause. I’m very lucky to be working with such a forward thinking publisher. We all hope that the lives of some very special animals will be touched by this gift.”

Amy Sacks, Executive Director of The Pixie Project says, “We are thrilled to be the beneficiary of this very generous donation to our cause. We love creative donations and this is certainly a first for us! The idea that a publisher would donate such a generous percentage of the profits from a novel is just amazing to all of us at the Pixie Project. Our animals come to us at a difficult point in their lives, homeless and waiting to find comfort and love with a new forever home. Many of these animals need veterinary care, cozy beds and toys to keep their spirits up, and of course a proper shelter to rest in and wait for their new family. This kindness will help us care for and house these animals giving them a second chance at love and happiness.”

Falling In Danger will be available February 20th from Barnes and, and Beachwalk

About Falling In Danger:

A journalist stumbles onto the story of a lifetime. And finds herself falling in danger…

When young, naïve reporter Jessica Brady is kidnapped and held for ransom by the head of an illegal dog fighting organization, undercover police officer Ian Cole realizes he’s got his hands full. He’s on the verge of busting the ring when he’s assigned to babysit her, which isn’t an easy feat. She’s neurotic, feisty, and also happens to be scared to death of dogs. Now he has to figure out a way to get them both out alive.

Jessica has no idea the thug she’s becoming attracted to is actually a cop, but it’s clear he’s not like the rest of the men in the organization. Particularly Albert Mancini, the disturbed only son of the ring boss, who has an appetite for alcohol and women. Especially Jessica.

When Ian’s cover is blown, he’s forced to bust the ring early. Weeks later, Jessica can’t stop thinking about the experience that has changed her forever. She wonders about the tall, sexy detective who saved her life. And the mobster’s prize-winning pit bull, Bruta.

An idea for a story is born. What if these dogs were given a second chance at life?
As Jessica digs deeper into their troubled world, she ends up falling for the police officer who rescued them. And discovers layers of her heart she never knew existed.

But when Albert escapes from jail, her happiness turns to terror. He hasn’t forgotten about the detective who put him behind bars. Or the beautiful young woman whose every move has become his obsession.

About The Pixie Project
The Pixie Project is committed to changing the image of a “rescue” or shelter animal. While some animals come to the Pixie Project seeking medical or behavioral attention not accessible in a typical shelter, many Pixie Project “kids” are professionally trained, family friendly pets whose circumstances have left them in need of a new home. With over 1000 successful adoptions, an inexhaustible staff armed with expert animal knowledge, a whole lot of humor and an ever-changing cast of fantastic animals, The Pixie Project gives animal rescue a fresh and flirty facelife.To learn more about The Pixie Project, please visit their website at

About the Author
Kaylie Newell was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She lives at the base of the mountains in Southern Oregon with her husband, two little girls, an elderly Chihuahua mix and two indifferent cats. She loves to hear from readers. Learn more about Kaylie at


SPCA International Emergency Animal Rescue Video Shows Animals Stranded in Deplorable Conditions in Thailand

25 Feb

Animal Rescue Workers Dispatched to Help in Wake of Deadly Flooding

NEW YORK, Feb 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — SPCA International, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing animal suffering and abuse internationally, has posted a newly shot video showing SPCA International’s Animal Rescue Expert, Terri Crisp, at a facility in Thailand holding approximately 1,000 animals living in deplorable conditions caused by heavy flooding late last year. SPCA International dispatched staff to Thailand earlier this month to assess and respond to the crisis animals are now facing post-flood.

The floods killed hundreds of people and were the worst to hit central Thailand since 1942. Countless animals were killed by the floods, while thousands of others were rescued by animal organizations and good Samaritans. Now their plight continues as shelters work to rebuild. However, some cannot to due to lack of funding or will.

“After natural disasters there are several layers of rescue work that take months or longer,” said Stephanie Scott of SPCA International. “Pulling animals out of the flood water is the first critical step, but there are medical needs, vaccinations, supplies, clean-up and rebuilding efforts that are essential to ensure the animal population is safe and healthy. Many homeless animals were significantly displaced by the flooding, now miles away from what was originally their territory. Others were owned animals that could not be reunited with their caregivers and are now facing a very uncertain future. We hope the news from the video will help raise global awareness and allow us to send more aid to this region.”

SPCA International specializes in assisting animals in areas of conflict and disaster. During times of natural disaster, political turmoil, war and man-made disaster, SPCA International is ready to take action for the protection of animals. Along with partner organizations around the world, they focus on helping in crisis situations where animals are at risk or in danger. Video and news about SPCA International’s work is available on the group’s Web site, .

SOURCE: SPCA International

24 Feb

Please share this posting. Someone must know some information about little Andre. Animal Abuse should not be tolerated. If you see something and you don’t do the right thing you are being part of the abuse!


Little Andre is recovering well – BUT- Somebody must know the dog belonged to. Please do the right thing – Contact the McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital in Arizona or ASPCA or PETA.

  You may just stop another dog from being subjected to similar cruelty.

A small dog subjected to unthinkable abuse – found tied up in a plastic bag with its eyes gouged out and full of BB gun pellets – has brought hope to a community.

Andre was found January 3 by Cedric Conwright, who was on his daily walk near his Arizona home. He saw a car pull up in front of him and toss a black garbage back out the window, and discovered the dog curled up inside.

He told ‘His eyes were closed and covered in slime. He was really thin, too. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t dead.’

Andre, known as the ‘hard-luck hound,’…

View original post 46 more words

GreaterGood Network Launches E-Books Division with Animal Rescue Stories

23 Feb
GreaterGood Network Publishing launched on February 6 with a title sure to please pet lovers: 100 Heartwarming Stories From The Animal Rescue Site.

Seattle, WA, February 22, 2012 –(– “We’ve been collecting stories of rescued pets and their ‘fur-ever’ homes for many years,” said Tim Kunin, CEO of The Animal Rescue Site and GreaterGood Network. “These tales always have been one of the most popular features on the homepage, Facebook pages, and newsletters.”

One hundred stories out of several thousand were picked for the first volume from GreaterGood Network Publishing. Formatted into a .99 e-book available for both Kindle and Nook, the stories create a quick, fun, and positive read for animal lovers. A number of the pets profiled originally were considered “unadoptable” due to age, temperament, or breed.

“We hope that others will be encouraged by this e-book to consider adopting not just puppies and kittens, but also older pets, horses, rabbits, ferrets, and others,” said Greg Hesterberg, president of The Animal Rescue Site and a board member of the Foundation.

Early reaction to 100 Heartwarming Stories has been positive, with more than 1,000 copies sold on alone in the first week of publication. Kunin and Hesterberg currently are considering additional volumes for the series and eventual publication of a print version.

The Animal Rescue Site celebrates its tenth anniversary in July. As a member of the “Click Here To Give” suite of GreaterGood Network websites, The Animal Rescue Site offers several quick and easy ways to support animal rescue work in the United States and around the world. Every free click on the homepage’s big purple button generates donations from the website’s sponsors (100% of the revenue earned from these ads goes to charity), all purchases from The Animal Rescue Site online store contribute to the website’s charitable partners, and visitors to the website can give to their favorite projects or specific nonprofits through the Gifts That Give More [tm] program.

Charitable grants funded by The Animal Rescue Site are distributed by, an independent 501c3 nonprofit. More information about The Animal Rescue Site and its charitable partners can be found at

Recent Donations to Animal Charities announced that grants totaling more than $970,000 were given to 97 charities in January 2012, including more than $580,000 for the Foundation grants for shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States. Funding for these grants came from “Click Here To Give,” Gifts That Give More™, and other programs found at The Animal Rescue Site as well as direct donations to

The 2012 grant helps Foundation sustain and expand such programs as Rescue U and the Shelter+ Challenge. Rescue U, which pairs college students with shelter building projects, started the year with the complete rebuild of the Guthrie, OK, shelter. That project included a $10,000 grant to the Guthrie shelter to help them feed and care for their animals. The Guthrie shelter lost their original building to a tornado in May and, while securing FEMA assistance for basic framing and foundation, needed the Rescue U assistance to finish the project.

The story of the Guthrie, OK, rebuild forms a bonus “one hundred and one” story at the end of 100 Heartwarming Stories From The Animal Rescue Site.

In 2011, donated over $1.6 million to animal rescue charities and $3.1 million to all causes.

The largest beneficiaries of grants to animal charities were the small shelters and volunteer rescue groups belonging to the Network. grants to the Foundation funded such programs as Shelter+ Challenge, Rescue U, disaster relief efforts, and more. Network members of all sizes located in the United States, Canada, Grand Bahamas, and Costa Rica benefitted from Challenge grants.

New in 2011, a greater emphasis was placed on food banks distributing pet food to U.S. families hit hard by the recession. Providing them with food helped keep pets out of shelters. The programs made it possible for many seniors and those with disabilities to enjoy the comfort of a pet. The food banks were run by First Coast Pet Food Banks, Save Our Pets, Seattle Humane Society, and other groups serviced by Rescue Bank’s food distribution program.

Internationally, helped animal rescue groups respond to major natural disasters such as the tsunami and subsequent events in Japan, floods in India and Pakistan, and cyclones in Australia, among others.

Jury Trial Scheduled for ABQ NM Puppy Cruelty Case

23 Feb

Update: February 22, 2012

Thank you so very much for your support of Bongo and this petition. Based on the assessment of this case, the support of the two Albuquerque police officers that witnessed the cruelty and that have agreed to testify and this petition that was delivered  by the DA Mr. Daniel Rislove, a jury trial has been scheduled on April 24, 2012.  Mr. Rislove stated that receiving this petition brought more awareness to this case. We are reopening this petition to collect more signatures for the scheduled jury trial.

Petition:    Please sign and share this petition.

Albuquerque, New Mexico:  Albuquerque police were called to a motel on Monday January 16 to investigate a report of a disturbance. Upon arriving at the motel, officers found Baslio Gavilan disorderly and violating the motels no alcohol policy. Police informed Mr. Gavilan that he would need to leave the premises. Mr. Gavilan became angered and proceeded to pick up “Bongo” the puppy and throw the puppy in the air. Bongo landed on his head.

Gavilan’s girlfriend claims to be the owner of the puppy Bongo. Bongo is at the Albuquerque animal shelter and has been under observation. Thankfully, he does not appear to have any permanent damage. He is being held as evidence in this case.

We respectfully request that if found guilty, Baslio Gavilan be charged with the maximum penalty for animal abuse and that Mr. Gavlian be banned from owning animals. We further request that Bongo not be returned to Mr. Gavlian.

Video courtesy of KOAT TV News:

Breaking News: Mayor names James Rogers as interim head of Memphis Animal Shelter

23 Feb
  • First Posted: February 22, 2012 – 6:59 pm
    Last Updated: February 22, 2012 – 6:59 pm

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mayor A C Wharton says the embattled Memphis Animal Shelter has a new interim administrator.

Wharton said Wednesday that James Rogers has a strong management background and is experienced in operating a major facility with a large staff, The Commercial Appeal reports ( ).

Rogers replaces Matthew Pepper, who resigned after a troubled 17-month stint that included conflicts with some volunteers and criticism from animal rights advocates.

Sheriff’s deputies raided the shelter in October 2009, finding starving, abused and neglected animals. Since then, three former employees have been indicted on animal cruelty charges.

Memphis police said this week that they’re investigating the treatment of animals after a report was filed by a shelter employee.

Rogers used to work for the U.S. Postal Service but has no animal shelter experience.


Information from: The Commercial Appeal


Hand4Paws will not tolerate Mayor Wharton wanting to silence all animal activists by just placing another person on Memphis Animal Shelter that has no knowledge of working with animals. Please consider signing the petition!We need a responsible solution for animals in Memphis! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Animals Petition: Memphis Animal Services, DO NOT euthanize ALL pit bulls w/out putting them up for adoption, Spay/Neuter & work w/rescues to SAVE them | via @addthis

Lady Marie Bear is scheduled to die for no reason

22 Feb

Lady used to be a stray dog. A dog that walked aimlessly the streets and each day tried to survive. One day she found her way to the loving home of Glen Marie Friend and settled in with a compassionate family. According to an article on Lady was unjustly seized from her loving home and has been kept at Nelson County Animal Control in the city of Lovingston in the state of Virginia. To Read more of the story of Lady continue reading on and click here for the link.

Hand4Paws is calling on all animal advocates to join the efforts of Larisa Scharikin Vice President at The Lexus Project. There has been a community on Facebook under the name of Save Lady Marie Bear. Please join in order to keep updated on the case.  Also there is an ONLINE PETITION , we urge you to consider giving your voice to Lady Marie Bear and add your name to it. The petition is targeting the Nelson County Animal Control.  If it is within your possibilities to donate money to the Chip In for Lady Marie Bear, please do so. According to the Facebook Admins of the community they explain that the attorney works pro bono but that there are still court costs that must be paid and that a trust fund is being set up for her.

To sign the petition please click here

To donate for Lady Marie please click here

To join the Facebook Community please click here