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25 Apr




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Update about Barchiel! Thanks to you all we were able to get to his rescue  $720 to help with his treatment. The other part of the money went to compensate a part of his transport. The rescuers and the those that did transports will always be in my prayers. Click here to read the article that Joyce Fields wrote about his transport.

There are some beautiful pictures of Barchiel on the rescue’s Facebook Page. He is such a professional model already! Click here to look at all of his pictures!

This is the letter that we received from Rachael from Sioux Empire Pit Rescue last Friday:

Hey Liliana, Barchiel is doing well. Heartworm injections are completed and now it’s just keeping him quiet for the next 60 days until the retest.He does have a cyst on his right foot in between his pads. He has started limping,  which as big as the cyst is,  does not surprise me. Barchiel is on remedyl for now to help with the pain. Our vet doesn’t want to remove it for at least 30 days after his heartworm injections,  so we will try to make him as comfortable as possible until then.His hip will be what it is – dislocated.. there is no way to set this once they are out. Since the injury has already started to heal we will just let the scar and muscle tissue continue to heal and keep him at a nice weight. The key to that is exercise to build muscle and strength and good weight management. We are still waiting for his babesia test results to come back from North Carolina – hoping to get those next week. Crossing my fingers he doesn’t have babesia. He did visit the vet again this Monday and the vet couldn’t believe how much better he looked in just one week! We both think it’s like a whole new dog!! He has been introduced to my household pets (cats and dogs) and is doing well – of course with close supervision and leadership. He is learning where he fits in with the pack. I have a household of senior citizens so his laid back demeanor fits right in. We are remodeling our bathroom and were painting last night. Needless to say,  he was on the sectional crashed out with the pack,  sleeping away. He is a goof ball too! When you let him out of his crate he will “high step” or prance around the room like he is the happiest boy in the world. He will also do that after he comes in from outside. We had another 8 inches of snow last night,  so he is getting a crash course in winter weather but seems to be enjoying it. We are letting him sleep with us at night for the time being,  until he can fully be trusted with the other animals. He loves his toy playtime – he’s one of the few fosters that I have had in my house that doesn’t rip them to shreds immediately. In the mornings I have to drag him out of bed to go outside. He would rather sleep – my kind of dog! That’s the first week and a half update! Hope all is well with you. Rachael


This is the new update today posted on the rescue’s Facebook Page:

Barchiel is having a wonderful time settling into his foster home. He isn’t sure about the last minute snow that has taken over April but he takes it all in good spirits! What a clown this boy is – a hoot and is recovering well from his heart worm treatment. http://pitrescue.weebly.com/barchiel.html


Please continue sharing Barchiel’s Story and Please give kindly to help this wonderful organization that responded within minutes of us asking for help for Barchiel. God Bless those that help Stray animals.

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Breaking News! A rescue is taking Barchiel!

31 Mar
Barchiel Map copy
We are happy to inform you that Barchiel has found a rescue that will find him a happy forever home. Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is an all volunteer 501C3 rescue group in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Sioux Empire’s mission is to promote responsible Pit Bull ownership, provide breed education, combat pet overpopulation, and find qualified homes for sound Pit Bull dogs in South Dakota.
Barchiel will be traveling from Edinburg, Texas all the way up to Sioux, South Dakota. This little guy is moving up state! Joy Benson has directed the transport operation for Barchiel. He will travel by car. Eight people are involved in a seven-state transport for him.
We are still asking for your help to cover the costs. So far, the online fundraiser has lost momentum and we are asking for your help to make this happen.  Find it in your hearts to give a little for dear Barchiel. This has been a long journey towards a happy ending for our now happy little friend!
So far, you have helped raise $696 for Barchiel. We still need $1,500 to cover all the miles he has to travel and medical expenses. Please give kindly. He still has a long way to go to a happy ending.

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Donate to DFW Rescue Me or to the Dallas Animal Shelter and Hand4Paws will promote your company via online article and social media‏

6 Feb

DFW Rescue Me is a wonderful rescue group located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. DFW has helped save many animals from being euthanized, and has taken on such cases such as Justice, the puppy set on fire and burned over 70% of his little body, who sadly later died from his burns. Here is Justice’s story: http://dfwrescueme.org/justices-story/

We, Hand4Paws, are not associated with DFW Rescue Me. Hand4Paws is an all-volunteer group of world-wide animal advocates that use social media to promote animal rights and fight for animal welfare. We do, however, appreciate the hard work DFW has done to aid animals in need. Hand4Paws prepared a petition, asking that the man who allegedly set Justice on fire receive the maximum sentence. The petition received 29,000 signatures. http://www.change.org/petitions/maximum-sentence-for-darius-ewing-for-setting-dog-justice-on-fire

If you would be interested in helping out this great organization, DFW Rescue Me, by making a donation directly to them via their website, here is their link: http://dfwrescueme.org/donate-now/

We would like to ask for help for the Dallas Animal Services. They receive help from DFW Rescue me and they also do great work promoting animal adoption and doing their best in saving animals and educating the public. According to their site they are dedicated to the humane treatment of animals in Dallas and educating others about responsible pet ownership. They reinforce these ideals every day by providing daily care for hundreds of animals in the shelter, assisting citizens who come to see us as well as out in the community. They respond to calls regarding animal welfare and concerns, conduct free Responsible Pet Ownership classes, hold offsite animal adoption events, and speak at and provide educational information at public safety fairs, environmental festivals, and neighborhood organizations. They are in great need of different things that would make the life of so many dogs more comfortable. They include their wish list: http://www.dallasanimalservices.org/

If you choose to donate, a member of Hand4Paws who writes for the Examiner has offered to include in an article on a visit to DFW a list of the individuals/companies/organizations which have agreed to help by donating to DFW Rescue Me or Dallas Animal Services. One of our members will be visiting the DFW shelter to deliver the petition for Justice and toys and other donated items we can collect.

Hand4Paws will also promote on Facebook and Twitter the companies which donate to DFW Rescue Me or Dallas Animal Services. We will be also be posting on our Facebook wall a list of those who help out rescues when we ask them, along with their Facebook link, which we will ask people to “like.”

If you are able to donate, please let Hand4Paws know after you have donated (DO NOT provide Hand4Paws with monetary or other information, ONLY answer this email to say that you have donated and send us your Facebook link and/or link for your website so we may promote it).

DFW is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. As is mentioned in “Justice’s Story”: “in his honor, DFW Rescue Me has created the Justice fund to ensure all dogs that are the victims of abuse or neglect in the city of Dallas receive necessary medical care and the opportunity to know the kindness of the human hand that they so deserve. Justice will ensure they have a second leash on life.”

If you have any questions, you can contact DFW Rescue Me directly, more information can be found here: http://dfwrescueme.org/contact/ or Hand4Paws at the email below.

Thank you,

All Volunteer Animal Action Team

NOTE: Hand4Paws reserves the right to decide only to promote business or companies that promote animal adoption and that do not promote the sale of any companion animal.

Giving Rescues a voice! News letter by Pawsibilities Are Endless!

11 Jun

Giving Rescues a voice! Guest Blogging Spot for Registered Animal Rescues!

The following is a guest blog posting from a registered rescue in the state of Missouri. They are in great need of a van in order to transport animals to adoption clinics. Due to the lack of a proper transportation vehicle, many of the adoptable dogs stay behind at the shelter and do not get a chance at adoption until the next clinic. Please take a moment to read and get to know the work of Pawsibilities are Endless. Please remember, small donations add up in a tremendous way. Even if you can’t help financially, you can lend a hand by sharing ~HAND4PAWS


Thank you’s and news

-This awesome BLOG is featuring our need for a van or mini van for our rescue. Thanks to Hands4Paws!

-Please remember it is mosquito season and it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to infect your dog with heartworms. Please be diligent and use a heartworm preventative. I was hanging out the back yard with Linda and they were swarming the poor baby.

-Colorado Animal Rescue Express: C.A.R.E. was one of Pawsibilities’ very first supporters. For the first 6 months or so Pawsibilities was active we were almost entirely on our own. We remember sending an email out, not even asking for help but because we were SO excited that Angel, a white pit bull was getting adopted from the Wind- sor, Mo pound. Lisa from C.A.R.E. offered to pay for her vetting; we were ecstatic. At that time Pawsibilities was the only group helping the Windsor Pound and we were very grateful to have someone else step in. From that point on Colorado Animal Rescue Express and their Jake’s Fund have helped numerous Windsor Pound dogs and Pawsibilities Are Endless dogs, even assisting us with many of our high cost medical supply orders. However, this last one “took the cake.”

We had contacted Lisa at Colorado Animal Rescue Express letting her know Pawsibilities would be donating many of our 5 ways to the Windsor Pound and asking her if Jake’s Fund would be able to help us with another purchase of these extremely vital vaccines; they not only offered to pay for an entire 25 count box for us, but also offered to buy a box for the Windsor Pound through our order. Wow! We placed the order, adding on some additional items the rescue needed- to save on shipping- knowing Colorado Animal Rescue Express would reimburse us for the 5way vaccines and Pawsibilities Are Endless would pay for the additional supplies.

When we placed the order and we submitted the receipt to Lisa, Colorado Animal Rescue Express sent us a check for the entire, almost $300 purchase! This included enough frontline to last our entire rescue the whole summer! (usually a $75 per month cost for us) we couldn’t believe it; that was so unexpected and we are very grateful! we immediately got on Facebook and asked everyone to go to Caretransport.org to thank Lisa, Linda and C.A.R.E.’s Jake’s Fund for their support of our rescue efforts. If you support Pawsibilities Are Endless, please do the same. This group deserves our gratitude. Thank you, C.A.R.E!

-Our weekday adoption events will be on June: 8th and 13th from 3-7pm and the 15th from 5-7pm at the Petco in Blue Springs, MO.

-Pawsibilities Are Endless accept paypal donations at: Pawsibilities@ymail.com. Thank you Marisa Julien for your paypal donation in May.

-Pawsibilities Are Endless was turned down for a much needed grant we had applied for so this chip in is more important to us now than it has ever been, please help share this link: http://bit.ly/HUAzaX

-Thank you, Kim Henderson from 1st Community bank in Windsor for donating aluminum cans to help us raise funds!

-Yet another simple way to raise funds for Pawsibilities: http://www.goodsearch.com/nonprofit/ pawsibilities.aspx

-Thank you, Lisa D for donating items from our Amazon.com wish list:
 -Pawsibilities has our own iGive link! Earn money for us while you shop!http://www.iGive.com/Pawsibilities-MO
The same day we set up this link, our adoption coordinator was book- ing a room with Choice Hotels and a message popped up showing the amount that would come to the rescue. We have high hopes for this program.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/pawsibilities1

Facebook: Pawsibilities Are Endless

Giving Rescues a voice! Meet Pawsibilities Are Endless!

17 May

Giving Rescues a voice! Guest Blogging Spot for Registered Animal Rescues!

The following is a guest blog posting from a registered rescue in the state of Missouri. They are in great need of a van in order to transport animals to adoption clinics. Due to the lack of a proper transportation vehicle, many of the adoptable dogs stay behind at the shelter and do not get a chance at adoption until the next clinic. Please take a moment to read and get to know the work of Pawsibilities are Endless. Please remember, small donations add up in a tremendous way. Even if you can’t help financially, you can lend a hand by sharing

Thank you for offering to help our rescue with our fundraising and van needs.
Pawsibilities Are Endless is a small rescue in rural, Missouri; we’re 2 hours from Kansas City. We originally established the rescue to help specifically the Windsor, Missouri pound, but have now expanded to assist the Clinton and Warrensburg, Mo shelters and individuals as well, although we are still small. At this time we assist 50-100 dogs per year maximum.
We use several different vets depending on our dog’s needs, all are 45 minutes to an hour and a half away, however, our two vehicles used for transporting are a truck and a compact car, so the maximum amount of dogs we can transport at one given time is 4 and that’s if we have small dogs (we mostly help medium to large dogs) and if there isn’t a lot of equipment we need to transport. (kennels, tables, chairs for pet fairs, etc)
An example of the problems we run into just happened yesterday; I had 4 large dogs to take to the vet but there isn’t enough room in the vehicle for all of them, so I’ll be making 2-3 trips to get them all vetted, all 45 minutes away, an hour and a half round trip; 3 of the dogs now can’t go to the vet until next week.
Another example is, when we pulled 3 dogs from the Warrensburg shelter I didn’t have enough room in my vehicle for all of them so had to make 2 separate trips on 2 separate days, also a 45 minute one way trip, an hour and a half round trip.
The added travel time of course costs us financially, but also takes me away from other important rescue duties; imagine what I could get done with those extra days.
Because of our location, we travel 2-3 times per month, 3 hours round trip to Blue Springs for pet fairs at the Petco in the car or truck, leaving behind adoptable dogs just because we can’t fit them in the vehicle.
We are 501c3 and would love to have a cargo style van, suv or minivan donated to the rescue so we could take more dogs on each trip, saving in gas for vet runs and getting more adoptable dogs to pet fairs.

The second thing we are trying to do is pay off our rescue expenses. Right now we are doing fundraisers to try to come up with $2100, most of which was spent on medical expenses. We’ve spent $1200 in the past month and a half at one vet’s office for 3 different dogs.

Our contact information is below.
Text: 660-351-5879
Thanks again!
Adoption, Pet Fair and Foster Home Coordinator 
Treasurer, President and Transporter


Contribute & Help Launch Albuquerque Pets Alive!/The LifeRaft Lodge/Santa Fe Pets Alive!

2 Mar

Please consider making a contribution to help out the efforts to save New Mexico’s at risk shelter pets!

Pets Alive,The LifeRaft Lodge and Santa Fe Pets Alive have joined forces to create the life raft lodge. It is a new idea that will help more than 100,000 animals that do not get a chance to survive at the animal control pounds. Please visit this site in order to pledge your help and join the army to rescue innocent animals! TO MAKE A DONATION CLICK HERE!

VetDepot Commits to Increasing Support of Homeless Animals in 2012

1 Mar

Online pet medications retailer VetDepot plans to increase their support of the pet community in 2012 by adding to their list of shelters and rescues that receive product donations as well as continuing their promotion of responsible pet care.

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

VetDepot™, an online pet meds and pet supplies retailer best known for their commitment to saving pet owners money with their everyday low prices, is also committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and helping homeless pets across the country.

In the past year, VetDepot has donated thousands of dollars worth of products and gift certificates to animal shelters and rescues all over the United States. Unfortunately, many shelters and rescue organizations are consistently overcapacity with limited resources. VetDepot is proud to do its part in helping these dedicated organizations come to the aid of homeless animals in need. Common donation packages include supplements, flea preventatives, treats or grooming supplies including leading brands like Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix, FortiFlora, GlycoFlex, and CET Chews. Rescues and shelters can sign up to receive product donations by contacting pethero(at)vetdepot(dot)com.

In addition to its donation program, VetDepot is also an advocate for responsible pet ownership. VetDepot regularly publishes helpful tips and information relating to pet care on their blog and in the resources section of their website. VetDepot hopes that by educating pet owners about proper pet care, the warning signs of serious illnesses, and current pet food recalls, that pet parents will be better equipped for taking responsible care of their faithful companions.

VetDepot is excited to continue their support of the pet community by increasing the number of shelters and rescues that receive donations in 2012 and maintaining their commitment to being a resource for the latest in pet care news and information.

About VetDepot:

VetDepot offers the very same pet products available from your local veterinarian with savings of up to 60%. All VetDepot products are backed by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. VetDepot is LegitScript certified, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is committed to low everyday prices and excellent customer service. Check out their website at http://www.vetdepot.com or call their toll free customer service line at 866-456-0400. Give your pet the BEST!™